Jacob Astronomy Edition

Today, we even walked a bit with the bold, daring and spectacular timepiece astronomical clock replica Jacob co astronomer. For simplicity, I chose the platinum edition limited to 18 pieces. I like platinum and blue. course. As you can see, my birthday present seems to be huge, let’s do some proper packaging. Large carton, when I open it, you will find a very strange object facing you. I will now put on gloves, remove what looks like an asteroid, and then put it on the table. Therefore, not every day you will definitely see such a case.

Jacob & Co Astronomia Tourbillon Dragon AT802.30.BD.UA.A Replica watch

You have a screen here, and then press this button, the movie will start to traverse the main functions of the timepiece, but to fully tease, let’s take a look at the real thing, and then move the small lever and similar mechanical device at the top Aperture, you will find the astronomical sky hidden in the asteroid core. Let’s take it out. So the box is very big, the clock is also very big, 47 mm wide and 25 mm high, but a lot of things happen inside, let me summarize what we have, I hardly know where to start. Therefore, first you have to imagine that the movement of the timepiece is composed of about 400 components, and has a cross-shaped structure on the central vertical axis, and 4 modules are connected to the structure (if they can be called as such).

You have an hour hand and a one-minute skeleton dial with blue floating hands, but what you have to imagine is that the cross-shaped structure will certainly not stand still like this, it can automatically rotate 360 ​​° in 20 minutes, This means that naturally, the dial must also rotate to keep the 12 o’clock position always at the 12 o’clock position. Contrary to this peculiar mechanism, there is another complicated mechanism, namely this multi-axis tourbillon, the first axis automatically opens within 60 seconds, the second axis opens within 5 minutes, and the third axis Open within 20 minutes because the complete cruciform structure moves like I just mentioned.

Therefore, one thing to note is that these two mechanisms are opposed to each other, not only balancing things visually, but more importantly, they balance their own weight, which is naturally extremely important, and about these two characteristics The idea is the same rather crazy structure. One side is the orbital second hand and the other side is the second hand, but in a sense, it is also the second hand, but it is also very special because it uses one of Jacob ’s iconic diamond cuts, namely Jacob Cheyue, you have a perfect diamond ball with no less than 288 faces, probably the craziest disco ball I have ever seen, and it is very complicated to perform by some top jewelers, you must remember Jacob & Co is famous for its jewelry. In any case, to achieve this goal,

Jacob & Co Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti TT200.21.AA.AA.A Replica watch

Imagine what it would cost to fix it perfectly on the shaft, and as I said, it also opens automatically in 60 seconds. Okay, but obviously, the show didn’t stop there. On the vertical axis in the middle, you will find the day and night indications, engraved with a hand-painted and painted titanium globe, the globe will rotate within 24 hours, but this is also the entire floating mechanism 20 minutes roaming Part, so in some way, you can also mention 2 axis. Okay, but do n’t forget the copy swiss watch name Astronomia Sky, because yes, you will also find the stellar indication. As you can see behind the atmosphere of these satellite-like / international space stations, you will find a map of the sky as seen from the northern hemisphere, and the entire map will automatically open throughout the year.

This means that you will see the date indicator between the lugs at 6 o’clock. In this case, since the map moves counterclockwise to mimic what actually happened, you can say here more or less that we are in mid-July, so it ’s not very accurate, but sincerely such a clock is not Focus. Therefore, in addition to this, you also have an elliptical component that magnifies the constellation you can see above your head at this time. So, yes, this is a clock, more than simple watchmaking, if I can say it is actually crazy watchmaking, you can watch the full program on your wrist, and you are definitely talking, Not necessarily super cautious, but do you know why not? ?? This object has an interesting aspect, I must admit that it does a very good job,

Okay, how do you set it up? Okay, the Jacob & Co team has made your life easier, because you can download an app that will simply tell you what to do. Therefore, first determine your location, in this case Geneva, no, I am not on a superyacht in the middle of the Mediterranean, but at super-watcheswholesale.com .

Press the “Settings” button and you will see what you need to do. Turn the watch over and you will see two crowns. Therefore, when winding, just turn the left crown and fully tighten, you can provide 60 hours of power reserve for the tourbillon watch, beating at a frequency of 3Hz, considering what happened there, this is not bad.

Now let’s set up a central globe indicating day and night. For this, we use the second crown and rotate it in a counterclockwise direction, but this is when the application is really useful. Press this button and the app will only show me where I need to align with the earth. I just need to compare the two. Is it convenient? For the time setting, I use the same crown, but this time it is done clockwise, which is very simple. Determine the next tricky indicator about the date. At 5 o’clock on the back, you will find a small gear like a gear. You only need to turn it until your month indicator corresponds to it. The last indicator is your stellar time. The application proved to be very useful again, you can move the wheel at 7 o’clock,

As I mentioned in the introduction, the replica limited edition of this platinum watch is limited to 18 pieces, but there are other interesting changes in the sky of astronomy, but I just want to add that astronomy is Jacob & Co. (Jacob & Co) Of the complete series, some of which are slightly larger. Therefore, if this is not spectacular enough, then you will know that if necessary, you can add some functions and perform mm of functions. Therefore, I know this is very lively, and for many people, it may be the highest, but despite this, I still like that we see some crazy machines like this, and there are some bold customers who take this path. Obviously, sitting on the wrist can be said to be quite good, but why not for some people!