Chrono Wrist is a website which strictly focuses on the current news and affairs in the world of luxury watches – mainly Swiss watches, and exclusively automatic or manually wound models when it comes to men’s watches. Each model is presented with its own individual, detailed data sheet, comprising photos offering a look from every angle. Numerous films are added as an extra feature and, given the legacy attached to most, a history of their house is also a must. 
Updated regularly (with nearly 5,000 models today), will never consider itself complete given how prolific the great watchmakers’ production is. , however, will always pride itself on presenting the most emblematic, recent and fascinating models on the market. The website’s revamped design allows the visitor to distinguish the Men’s Watches (black background) from the Women’s Watches (presented against a white background).

The Club is a community of luxury watch lovers who share a common set of values. In their privileged relationship with concierges, club members can enroll the latter’s help in finding a specific watch but also in collecting information in relation to accessories, insurance plans or possible financing solutions.

Club members can also benefit, should they express the wish to, from the advice of our experts and our specialized editors. Automatic alert messages set up according to their favorite brands or complications can be sent to them upon request.

Private sales, exclusively reserved for club members are organized regularly. The club is also a gathering place for lovers of all things of beauty, and special occasions associating, for instance, watchmaking with tourism, wine-tasting and gastronomy are sprinkled on each year’s calendar.

Our team consists of professional journalists, both men and women, who have specialized in watchmaking and write for the most renowned magazines.

Full stories, unique and new segments filmed by our reporters, and exclusive interviews with the leaders of the watchmaking industry are produced regularly, to hone and expand the website’s visitors’ knowledge on various subjects such as men’s luxury watches, Swiss watches (whether automatic or manual, gold and other precious watches), signature watches by the great Manufactures, complications, chronographs and precision watches, tourbillons and extreme complications, iconic timepieces, limited editions, etc.