Bovet 1822 new watch at 2019 SIHH

We returned to the club space in the center of the old city of Geneva. Bovet won the Golden Hand at the GPHG at the end of 2018 to commemorate this debut by proudly standing in the middle of his booth. , Would it be better? Their artisan hands put their watches in display cabinets that are displayed to the public.

In any case, it is good for them. I personally think that Bovet replica is right to participate in this event. Okay, now let ’s talk about the watch and bring surprises to the surprise. Bovet is not disappointed with the launch of many timepieces. We will start with Virtuoso 9, which is a dual time zone tourbillon in its 46mm rose gold It can be seen in the case, but the white and platinum versions do exist. Although the size is quite large, it does not actually feel this way, and it does have design consistency. This timepiece uses a Fleurier Amadeo case, which means that it can be converted into a clock or pocket replica watch, which is a real signature of the house. Technically, this is a 2 hour regulator with a central minute hand and an eccentric hour hand. The hour and second hands are naturally visible on the tourbillon.

It has a 10-day power reserve, which is a nice convenience feature, you can make sure you see a sliding indicator at 8 o’clock, and you will find a 24-hour dial at 10 o’clock, which shows the second Time zone with a small compass to let you see the actual time zone you will choose. On the other side of the meter at this time, because it is difficult to say the bottom cover, because it is also a dial centered on the hour and minute hands to a certain extent, and the second hand is displayed again on the tourbillon, but the face shows a very original two-color blue The movement structure of color and rhodium, though, is still classic, because it refers to a two-color technique used by Bovet in the 19th century.

The next timepiece is Récital 21, which is a fairly original perpetual calendar, and its asymmetric case (also known as a writing desk) has also become a symbol of the house, formerly Récital 18, 20 and 22. It may sound weird to know, but when you look at your wrist, having such a small angle changes something, as if your brain is subconsciously telling you that reading instructions is easier, which is strange. In any case, you will find a small hour and minute dial in the center of this swiss replica watch, whose position is “surrounded” by the reverse date indicator, and other calendar information is located at 12 o’clock on the day and 6 o’clock this month. And show the year at 3 o’clock. At 9 o’clock, you will find a small coaxial seconds hand. I really like the snail-shaped “Geneva ripple” on the dial. This timepiece is made of red gold or titanium and has a power reserve of 5 days. When you flip it with this inclined movement, it looks very surprising. Very original perpetual calendar.

Okay, the next innovative product proposed by Bovet is Récital 23, which is a ladies ’watch. It is the function of this inclined desk case I mentioned before, but this time it adopts an oval design and the case is 43 mm high. The case is nearly 29 mm. width. This shape allows the hour hand and minute dial in the lower part to be slightly off-center and displays a beautiful dome-shaped moon phase indicator in the upper part at 12 o’clock. This has been seen before Récital 18, and I think it is smart to reuse this method Way, such as further confirmation of the brand ’s design specifications. There are three models of Récital 23. Rose gold, white gold and titanium, each of which can be paired with guilloché mother-of-pearl or tang dial, so there are 6 models in total. Nice cheap watch, but this now leads me to a large conference, or some say that the amazing launch of the Récital 26 brand is the brand ’s first embarkation on the all-sapphire case. Ok, we have all seen sapphire cases before, but the appearance from Bovet may be a bit strange, but the result is indeed a great achievement.

Récital 26 has the brand’s double-sided flying tourbillon, similar to the moon phase display mentioned earlier, a 10-day power reserve, an indicator at 4 o’clock, and a large calendar at 8 o’clock. There are actually two types of dials, blue Colored translucent quartz version and open working version carved from aluminum, but you can also request to customize this. However, I now want to talk about the details of the case itself, because the case is made of a sapphire block, which represents something very unique, especially when you see such complicated details (for example, slightly curved Side), it is difficult to mill. case.

I really like another detail, it involves the architecture of the movement, because the various bridges and the motherboard are located in different locations. Unlike the entire movement of Récital 21, Récital 21 makes good use of the available space to imitate the asymmetry of the case, which is completely related to the perspective of the men replica watch. Therefore, the full name of the watch is the first chapter of Récital 26 Brainstorm, I believe this means that we will see other versions of this best fake watch in the future.

Okay, this is the main novelty of Bovet, but I just want to add that we can also see some beautiful art versions of Amadeo Fleurier 39 and 43, as well as some very beautiful dials with micro-drawn dragons It’s really nice to see the details up close, it’s amazing. Ok, I hope you like this.