The skull lets time look directly into your eyes!

“Just adopting the existing movement to give it a fuzzy skull replica watches shape and present it as a brand new part is not our true style.”

The CEO of HYT is straightforward-the skull, the extraordinary and unprecedented new creation of HYT, breaks all the rules. You do n’t need to be an expert to appreciate the power of its design. Even at first glance, the skull is impressive, only because it represents things, but at the same time it deviates from everything HYT represents. It is provocative, unique, and its bold design is supported by fluid mechanics, which has become the brand’s signature style. The skull speaks for itself. However, its development is obvious.

HYT SKULL 51 MM 151-TD-41-GF-AB Replica watch
hyt skull green

Smart watchmaking

HYT luxury replica and its partners have mastered the concept of using fluid-carrying capillaries as hour markers. However, major changes in any form require a lot of background work. For skulls, the skull shape of tubes with diameters less than one millimeter is a major challenge in itself. The problem focuses on the four angles of the capillary, two of which are almost 90 ° at the bottom. These curves mean that bending glass is a particularly delicate task.

“The vertical structure they developed for the H1 watch is our starting point. However, we must then re-examine how to generate enough power to move in these acute angles, while ensuring that the fluid always indicates the correct time, at the correct speed and at Stay regular within hours. “

Recapture the essence of time
Based on the original original image of the skull, HYT also decided to cancel these records. This bold choice has two consequences. First, it shifts the main focus to the capillary tube, which is the only sensory indicator of time elapsed. Second, it focuses all its attention on the architectural design of the work. Its confident, confident skull takes up almost the entire surface. dial. Similarly, in stark contrast to other parts, HYT chose to hide the movement on the dial side almost completely.

To bring life to life, HYT has introduced many new developments. First, the two vertical bellows work continuously-it is their slight expansion and contraction that cause the fluid to move.

In addition, the eyes of the skull have their own lives. The right eye indicates the power reserve of the watch. Using a series of subtle translucent colored inserts, when the part approaches its 65-hour charge, the eyes gradually darken. The almost invisible second hand is hidden in the left eye, which continuously rotates. You only need to look at the skull to observe the soul and life of the skull from the most realistic angle. In both cases, the subtle honeycomb pattern will provide the background and increase the depth of the eyes. The skull itself is not inert-its movement continues. In the most real words, it is alive: it has a soul. This is the first time a watch replica has been created, where time is not observing time, but monitoring you.

HYT SKULL 51 MM 151-DG-42-RF-AB Replica watch

“We have always wanted to see how far we can go in design and engineering. Our goal is to create a skeleton that is completely free from everything we usually see, while still embodying the DNA of HYT-boldness, concept, technology and original design.” Vincent Perriard explained.

However, the change will not stop. A new 51mm case was specially designed for Skull, plus a new crisp beveled lug. The individual component buttons of the crown can adjust the time between 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock. The crown protector has been removed. Lateral inserts have also been added to the box, allowing multiple combinations in the future.

There are two very limited versions of Skull. One of the fifty parts made of DLC titanium carries green liquid, while the twenty-five parts made of 5N rose gold and black DLC titanium have red liquid.