Pablo Mac Donough – Richard Mille RM 53-01 Tourbillon “Pablo Mac Donough”

Pablo Mac Donough, Richard Mille ambassador and one of the best polo players in the world, wears the 44.5 mm carbon Richard Mille RM 53-01 Tourbillon “Pablo Mac Donough”, limited to 30 pieces worldwide.

This shock-resistant watch is the first watch to use laminated glass, two sapphire crystals separated by a thin layer of polyethylene film, so that, like a car windshield, under severe impact, the glass May crack, but never chip. This is due to the enormous force of gravity created during the polo swing.

A true gentleman’s sport is polo – the perfect blend of man and beast, power and accuracy, speed and composure. The RM 53-01, on the other hand, is the “crushing” innovation of Richard Mille’s meeting with the world’s most famous player, Pablo Mac Donough.

The latest version of the Polo collection succeeds the original armored version, designed to adorn Pablo Mac Donough’s wrist, and is the result of extensive research and countless hours of development. The RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough showcases the movement’s excellent shock resistance (critical in this case) as well as its novel look. fashion wholesale watch

The sapphire laminated glass of the RM 53-01, consisting of two layers of sapphire glass separated by a tiny polyethylene film, was first used in watchmaking. Glass can crack from the powerful shock wave of a mallet strike, though it never actually breaks. The glass is now UV and anti-reflective treated and retains movement from the outside world, only trademarked by Richard Mille.

The case is made of extremely strong and virtually unbreakable protection, known for its excellent resistance to micro-cracks and tears. Its grooves emphasize the stability of its structure. The unique inlaid luster of Carbon TPT and the sharp edges of the case emphasize the sporty style of this watch.

Considering that vibration is the opponent of the tourbillon movement, Richard Mille chose to use a more advanced cable mechanism to suspend the movement. The unusual structure of this design required the development of two different base plates. The tensioner is supported by a first or “secondary” base plate attached to the housing. The second plate, known as the “central” plate, contains the winding system and the rotor that makes up the movement. It is connected to the external substrate by cables. fake watch price

Two 0.27mm diameter braided steel wires support and reinforce the central floor through them, like the center of a spider’s web. Four tensioners secure these cables, which map out the three-dimensional structure as they pass over ten pulleys. Tensioning of the cable is done by the craftsman by turning the spline screw in the middle of each tensioner. This pulley mechanism ensures an even transmission of tension so that the entire machine is perfectly balanced.

The suspension movement and the application of grade 5 titanium (double floor and bridge plates) ensure smooth operation of the moving train. In addition, it provides optimal shock absorption.

In addition, this timepiece combines engineering, art and innovation on a technical level. Both the building materials and construction methods are remarkable.