Jacob & Co. Astronomical Tourbillon

Manufacturer Jacob & Co presented their new product – the Astronomical Tourbillon. In the middle of the dial is the “core”, which symbolizes the sun. It has a mechanism attached to the top from which four beams diverge to the sides. At the end of one, a dial is attached to the diametrically opposite end – a biaxial tourbillon. On the other two beams, the models of the Earth and the Moon face each other.

The Astronomia Tourbillon impresses. The watch features a 47mm case inspired by the architecture of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. The case is made of a polycarbonate-based composite material, treated with diamond dust and painted with rose gold. The material is as strong and durable as stainless steel and 4 times lighter. The dial is covered with a glass hemisphere, and the airy modular design is evident in all the details. Rotating, the modules have a hypnotic effect on the viewer.

At the end of the modular carousel is a tourbillon, a dial with hours and minutes, and models of the Earth and Moon. This majestic building takes 20 minutes to complete its rotation. The tourbillon in the model is three-axis: in addition to the traditional minute rotation around its own axis, it also rotates for five minutes around one of the carousel’s axes. A scale that slowly fluctuated at 18,000 pcs/hour made an already spectacular show even more spectacular. Jacob & Co. copy

It must be said that the readability of the dial of the astronomical tourbillon model is not compromised at all due to the presence of a specially designed differential mechanism with compensating rotation. This means that even when taking part in the carousel’s wheel dance, the dial remains in a stable position and the time can be read from it without any problems.

We haven’t mentioned the Earth and the Moon. The globe model in the watch is made of white gold and covered with transparent blue enamel, depicting the ocean. As for the moon, it is made from a 1-carat, 56-faceted briolette-cut diamond. The highlight of the Astronomia Tourbillon model is that the picture presented to the user is never the same. The dazzling rotation of the module takes place against a backdrop of aventurine inlays, which symbolize the star-studded night sky.

The rhythm of the rotating structure is set by the original in-house movement JCEM01, with manual winding and a 72-hour power reserve. The mechanism winds and sets the time using a lever hidden in the case. Astronomia Tourbillon watch with black alligator strap with 18k rose gold folding clasp.