2022 new products, let’s chase “green” together this spring

“The river and the blue birds are over white, and the mountains and blue flowers are about to burn.” Spring is intoxicating, and the green mountains are in full bloom. Spring is a season of vigor and green, and the refreshing green shows the vitality of spring. Spring is here, how can there be a lack of a green watch? Last month, Glashütte Original released a new SeaQ large calendar watch, which incorporates a deep and elegant jungle green to fully show the style of nature. In fact, last year Glashütte Originally launched the jungle green SeaQ watch (no large calendar, 39 movement), and the response was very good after this watch came out. This year, the SeaQ large calendar watch also has a green version, which is currently on sale. Friends who like green watches can rush! (Watch model: 1-36-13-07-83-34)

The first release of Glashütte’s original pioneering series is a diving watch, inspired by the “Spezialist Type RP TS 200” specially developed for diving in 1969. The appearance restores the characteristics of historical watches and integrates retro well. With style and a modern aesthetic, Glashütte’s original SeaQ is recognizable and competitive among today’s many dive watches.

Every SeaQ Big Date watch not only has to meet the stringent requirements of the double standard of DIN 8306 and ISO 6425 for diving watches, but also has to undergo a rigorous 24-day test (ie, the test of excellence).

The SeaQ Big Date watch has the size of the current mainstream diving watch – 43.2 mm, the case is made of stainless steel, and the side is brushed vertically, which is full of texture. The double G LOGO and the water ripple logo are engraved on the crown, highlighting Glashütte’s original diving watch tradition.

The grooved unidirectional rotating bezel embedded with ceramic is unique. Compared with diving watches on the market, the rotating bezel of Glashütte’s original SeaQ Big Date watch is more slender, which is why the SeaQ looks more delicate and does not have So heavy. However, if we just compare the SeaQ and its historical models, we can find that the SeaQ’s bezel is larger, and this change is more in line with modern aesthetics.

The green color of the SeaQ Big Date watch is very distinctive. It uses jungle green, which is deeper than ordinary green, with a dark tone. It does not need to be high-profile to be eye-catching enough. This kind of green is suitable for business occasions. It is not easy to make mistakes, whether it is a formal dress, a daily commute outfit, or a sportswear for going out to play. The detailed design of the dial is also very attractive, and the design of the large-sized hour markers and hands makes the reading time clearer.

The hour markers and hands are embedded with Super-LumiNova® luminous material, which emits a beautiful blue fluorescence in a dark environment, as if a touch of blue from the deep sea.

Looking closely at the dial, you can find that the dial has a grainy texture, especially in the light, like a green forest bathed in sunlight. This detail adds a lot to the best watch. At 4 o’clock is Glashütte’s original and iconic outsize date window.

The new SeaQ Big Date watch is equipped with a rubber strap, a stainless steel chain strap and a nylon woven strap. The watch we see in the picture is equipped with a nylon woven strap, which looks young and sporty.

The SeaQ Big Date watch is equipped with the brand’s main movement, the 36 movement, which is fixed inside the case with a snap. The entire movement is entirely handmade and decorated by Glashütte’s original watchmakers. The movement configuration is very good. It uses a silicon hairspring, a fine-tuning weight balance wheel, strong anti-magnetic shock resistance, accurate travel time, and a water resistance of 300 meters. , and comes with a 100-hour power reserve. The grinding and decoration of the movement is in place, the Glashütte columnar pattern, chamfer grinding, blue steel screws, and gold sleeves all show the watchmaker’s intentions. The single gooseneck fine-tuning device and the double G hollow oscillating weight greatly improve the movement ornamental.

The new Jungle Green SeaQ Big Date is a unique blend of sportiness, durability and fashionable style. Green represents vitality and hope. We saw the special interpretation of green by Glashütte Original, which seems to take us to the primitive and fresh jungle, and obtain the tranquility and tranquility of a small world in the busy urban life.