Not so muted yellow: FP Journe Centigraphe CTS2 LineSport Titanium

This watch is a combination of two FP Journe cheap watches we’ve previously featured on The Collective. It features the movement architecture of the Centigraphe Souverain and the case and bracelet design of the Octa S Sport. This is the Titanium FP Journe Centigraphe CTS2 from the Journe LineSport range.

Putting Centigraphe’s dual-patented chronograph movement in a Linesport case is a match made in heaven. The movement was created to make the ideal timepiece for modern racing. Its ability to drop timing down to 100ths of a second while also measuring 20-second and 10-minute increments has left other chronographs wondering if they’re better suited for timing steaks than racing cars. The speed at which the hands move when starting the chronograph is incredible, especially knowing that it is mechanically driven.

The watch’s 1506 hand-wound movement is made of high-grade aluminium alloy, rather than Journe’s standard rose gold, which significantly reduces the weight of the timepiece. The hand-wound movement provides an 80-hour power reserve when striking and a 24-hour power reserve when the chronograph is running. Special care was also taken to separate the energy-consuming chronograph from the timekeeping. Therefore, when a person is running the chronograph, the amplitude of the balance wheel is not affected, keeping the timekeeping accuracy unchanged – one of the two patents owned by the watch. Sport alone is great, but the fact that it’s now in the LineSport range makes things complete. After all, a true motorsport timepiece needs to do more than look good while popping champagne.

The dark titanium case looks super sporty and is extremely durable and lightweight – around 81 grams. Measuring 44mm in diameter, it’s definitely on the larger side, but you wouldn’t want it to be much less informative on the dial. Plus, because the watch is so lightweight and only 11mm thinner, you still retain the wear resistance that Journe is famous for.

New to this fashion watch model since the 2018 update is the ceramic bezel. I think this watch looks great and I honestly didn’t notice it at first. It fits like it’s always been part of the design. Rubber bumpers on both sides of the case and bracelet will always be a split design choice. Still, I like the extra protection they offer and that it’s a very rare design feature, especially at this level of watchmaking.

The dial of the CTS2 is the most interesting and exciting design feature of this watch. The main dial is bright yellow lacquer, and its alternating sized white numerals are very legible. I’ve seen Journe use this type of number layout on other parts whose sizes vary by dial design, and it’s always done well. I almost never take it right away. When I looked at the table, I realized that the numbers were not uniform. The sub-dial is white with red numerals and a center cutout, allowing you to glimpse the fast-moving components that power this speed demon. Bright, bold dial colors contrast with the retained dark titanium case and bracelet, keeping the watch balanced.

It’s a full-featured sports wholesale watch, but I think it’s actually pretty versatile. It looks like a peek at home from under the cuff of a racing suit, but I also pair it with a business casual blazer and jeans. This timepiece has the right formula to be a great sports watch, as it is designed to be functional and reliable in a racing environment, while still being a great watch by design outside of that environment. Most of us don’t have the chance to time F1, but at least with this watch you know you’re ready if the opportunity arises, and sometimes that’s enough.