Richard Mille RM 47 Tourbillon

samurai era

Connect art and spirit. Create a new masterpiece that aims to pay homage to Japanese culture. Richard Mille presents the RM 47 tourbillon, the result of intense reflection and nearly four years of design work. This is a new ingenious watch with an extremely compact movement that makes room for stylized samurai armor entirely handcrafted. The model was born out of a friendly conversation between Richard Mille and two-time Formula 1 world champion and brand partner Fernando Alonso, a passionate lover of traditional Japanese art and samurai principles.

This new model pushes the limits of creativity and takes its place in the brand’s typically “decorative” watch collection. Entirely hand-carved by engraver Pierre-Alain Lozeron and painted by his wife Valérie Lozeron, the samurai armor showcases different aspects of Japanese ancestral culture. Evoking the spirit of Bushido, the moral code of the samurai whose values ​​are still prevalent in Japanese society, the armor comes to life in 3N gold, reminiscent of the gold leaf used in ancient Japan to decorate the country’s finest shrines and some traditional crafts.

Many details refer to the Asano clan, which symbolizes the Bushido spirit. The 18th-century clan lord Nagano Asano, also lord of the 47 Ronin, avenged his death before following him into the underworld. Their family crest or clan coat of arms – one for each warrior clan – proudly appears on the tourbillon at six o’clock. Symbolizing two crossed falcon feathers, expressing wartime power and the authority of the suzerain, this badge is also intricately engraved on the winglets of the warrior’s helmet. The crown is made of titanium, carbon TPT® and polished 3N gold with a Japanese maple leaf pattern, a symbol of the seasons as well as grace, beauty and ephemeral life. At last, at the bottom, two swords, in their scabbards, new cheap watch

This decoration is both a sculpture and a sculpture and requires patience, meticulousness, dexterity and enthusiasm. Pierre explained: “Between the sword and the chisel, between the edge of the blade and the cut precisely defined by the engraver’s technique, there are many parallels that evoke the same qualities of these warriors as those demanded by our artistic craftsmanship. similarities between.” – Alain Lozelon. In total, it took no less than 16 hours of engraving and 9 hours of painting – more than a full day in total – to obtain the 11 components that make up the Samurai, perfectly combined front and rear, surrounding the calibre RM 47 tourbillon.

Like the Guardian, the armour provides valuable protection to the hand-wound calibre RM47, with hours and minutes. To ensure optimal functioning of the movement, the baseplate and skeletonized bridges are made of grade 5 titanium, a biocompatible alloy commonly used in the aerospace industry, and treated with black PVD ​​​. This combination provides high corrosion resistance, excellent rigidity and a perfectly flat surface.

The movement, case and decoration of the RM 47 embody a design approach aimed at ensuring the harmonious and effective integration of all the various elements. The barrel-shaped case consists of three parts, with a 3N gold strap housing a bezel and a black TZP ceramic case back. With its extraordinary aesthetic, the 75 RM 47 Tourbillon evokes the spirit and values ​​of Bushido, while embodying a steadfast pursuit of perfection and respect for tradition.