Bremont Boeing Titanium GMT model

Last year, Bremont cheap announced a partnership with the well-known aircraft manufacturer Boeing. In 2015, Bremont continued this partnership and launched two models. Introduced the Bremont Boeing Titanium GMT model.

Through cooperation with Boeing, a world leader in materials research, Bremont now works closely with the Boeing Company (AMRC) Advanced Materials Research Center at the University of Sheffield. fake watches for sale

The compact design of the Model 1 timepiece reflects Boeing’s first aircraft
The early simplicity of the design, and the Type 247 was inspired by Boeing’s progressive twin-engine Type 247 airliner in the 1930s.

Bremont Boeing 1 and 247 titanium GMT watches are made of Boeing aerospace Ti 6-4. This is a special kind of titanium, much stronger than commercial titanium, and is widely used in airframe and engine parts.

The white SuperLumiNova® hands are designed for absolute clarity and legibility. When paired with a black (model 1) or dark gray (model 247) dial, SuperLumiNova®’s highly visible application hour markers are particularly eye-catching. The iconic Boeing “tick” is a tribute to the aerospace company logo and can also be found at the end of the central seconds hand (model 1) and chronograph seconds hand (model 247). Bremont replica