Harry Winston Ocean Bi-Retrograde watch upgrades ladies’ sports watches

The monochromatic luxury of the self-styled king of diamonds.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a brand sprinkling a lot of gems on ladies’ timepieces. But if the name in question is copy Harry Winston, it is likely that the standard will be set higher.

Why should anyone expect any difference? A brand known for its dazzling red carpet jewelry should show the same strict standards for its wealthy timepieces. For this reason, the Harry Winston Ocean Double Retrograde Black and White Automatic 36mm Automatic Winding Watch It fulfilled its promise perfectly.

A charming platinum ladies sports watch, the Ocean Biretrograde Black & White Automatic 36 mm watch has aesthetics and mechanical creativity. Ocean series from Harry Winston-on the surface is a diving watch series, given its nautical inspiration, but in fact, designed to decorate the wrists of the superyacht party crowd-these watches have iconic design elements, such as ha The sharply shaped crown protector Winston’s arches, a round case with modern lines and an off-center display. However, in this version, the watch is brought to life with an animated retrograde display, simple and fascinating complications, and a lovely combination of the best diamonds money can buy.

The black and white theme is executed gorgeously. Opposite the white mother-of-pearl dial is the front center time display and the retrograde indicator of the 30-second and day-of-week counter. These color schemes are bounded by black lacquered or white mother-of-pearl medallion rings, and are outlined with brilliant-cut diamonds, providing interesting variants for the recently re-popular “panda” and “anti-panda” style combinations. The appearance is ingeniously echoed with the rubber strap. The rubber strap has a white base with a woven pattern in the middle, which looks like a piece of fabric.

Who would notice the sparkle of diamonds on these copy watches? Subject to Harry Winston’s standards (sports watches after all), each model’s 36 mm case is inlaid with 57 brilliant-cut diamonds, 99 brilliant-cut diamonds on the dial, and one at 12 o’clock Emerald-cut diamonds-all grades have DF clarity and IF-VVS color. Although not entirely impossible, you may find it a little laborious to pair your copy watch with an evening dress. In addition, Ocean Biretrograde Black & White Automatic 36mm is versatile and suitable for all occasions. Its casual elegance and sparkle can easily accompany any type of wake-up from workdays to weekends.

The interior of the Ocean Biretrograde Black & White Automatic 36mm is equally fascinating. It is driven by an automatic movement of 312 parts, equipped with the most advanced silicon springs, which can optimize the speed regularity and timing accuracy, and provide up to 65 hours of power reserve in strong winds. Allows you to leave the watch on the dressing table for two days, then pick it up and put it on without missing a beat. It is a shame to hide all power and performance out of sight, so Harry Winston wisely chose to display the movement through the open case back and decorated with exquisite handwork, including the round Geneva on the bridge. Stripes, grain patterns on the circular bottom plate, and 18K white gold rotors.