Patek Philippe launches “Advanced Research” Minute Repeater Ref. 5750P

Amplify through the patented “fortissimo” mechanism.

Inaugurated Nautilus ref a few days later. 5711/1A Tiffany & Co. 170th Anniversary, Patek Philippe announced the launch of a watch at the other end of the watchmaking world.

The latest in a series of watches focusing on experimental new technologies, the “Advanced Research” minute repeater. 5750P-001 is Patek Philippe’s ultimate minute repeater in terms of acoustics. Equipped with a patented amplification device named “fortissimo “ff”, for reference. According to Patek Philippe, the ringtone from 5750P is very loud and can be heard from 60 meters away.

referee. The 5750P is mechanically and aesthetically interesting. The amplification mechanism of the R 27 PS movement undoubtedly fits the label of “advanced research”, and the design is actually radical, at least in terms of Patek Philippe’s complications.

Although the “fortissimo” device relies on some familiar principles, including a crystal soundboard and perforated bottom cover, it is still novel enough to make it interesting. Although other watchmakers have made duplicate movements based on the same concept, including Audemars Piguet and its Supersonnerie, Patek Philippe has completed this design in a classic and stylish way, using an impressively slim movement. The brand is very typical.

Visually, reference. The 5750P is completely different from any Patek Philippe minute repeater. Even the most modern eye-catching watches of the brand have traditionally classic styles.

This design divergence is a good thing; I like this design. Although the Vichet-style lugs of the case clearly have a retro style, the hollow dial is distinctive, interesting and novel. Because the hands are lost in the spoke pattern, the readability is very poor, but this can be said to be of no practical significance in eye-catching watches.

Given reference. The 5750P is limited to 15 watches, which does not represent a new direction for the brand’s internal style, although it will be a positive development to see more bold styles in other new models.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that in the introductory speech, Patek Philippe President Thierry Stern pointed out that ref. 5750P is “50%” of what he considers to be a perfect repeater, which means there is more Multifunction. Given that the last new minute repeater movement launched by Patek Philippe was decades ago, it sounds like Patek Philippe has a lot of great things.

The first four advanced research models are all about the escapement and the silicon of the oscillator-culminating in the references. 5550P perpetual calendar-then the complaint mechanism of the Aquanaut dual time zone mechanism. 5650G.

Now, Patek Philippe cheap has turned to a completely different aspect of watchmaking in the sixth part of the advanced research series. Based on the self-winding minute repeater movement launched in 1989, refer to the R 27 PS in the literature. 5750P has four patents related to repeater amplification mechanism.

According to Patek Philippe, the “fortissimo” mechanism is inspired by the phonograph, which modifies and supplements the traditional repeater structure. But the basis of the repeater mechanism has also been upgraded to get the best sound, including the rhythm of the percussion. The hours, quarters and minutes have been adjusted, so the distance between them is a little bit farther. Therefore, the time sequence of “11:59” is about three seconds longer than usual.

The movement still relies on hammers and gongs, but the hammers are platinum, not standard hardened steel. According to Philippe Barat, the brand’s head of technology development, a variety of materials have been tested, but the platinum gong provides the longest resonance sound, which may be due to the high density of the metal.

The setting of the gong is the key to the “fortissimo” mechanism. They are mounted on a base with a transmission rod. The lever is fixed on the transparent sapphire disk directly above the movement, and the base is connected to the titanium ring close to the inside of the case back. In short, the timekeeping drill is mounted on the ring, while the movement itself is fixed in the middle of the case.

Reference situation. The 5750P is further isolated from the timekeeping mechanism by a polymer isolating ring. The ring is basically a soft plastic buffer that surrounds the movement to prevent stray vibration from reaching the timekeeping mechanism.

When the gong vibrates, the sound waves generated will be transmitted to the sapphire disc through the arm, which luxury Patek Philippe calls the “oscillating chip”. Due to the four holes in the titanium ring, the disc amplifies the sound, and the sound spreads further outwards.

There is a narrow gap between the case back and the middle of the case-with a silicon mesh filter to protect the movement from dust and moisture-allowing sound to leave the case. Like the traditional minute repeater, reference. The 5750P does not have a waterproof gasket around the minute repeater slide rail, so the case is not waterproof.

According to Patek Philippe, the maximum distance that a traditional repeating watch can be heard is 10 m. With the “fortissimo” mechanism, reference. The 5750P can be heard at 60 m, and the volume has been increased six times.

Interestingly, Mr. Stern also pointed out the referee in his speech. The 5750P sounds best when activated on the wrist, because the ringtone can be transmitted from the case to the wrist, which further amplifies the sound.

R 27 horsepower
In addition to acoustic innovation, the movement has also been adjusted to fit the “fortissimo” mechanism. The rotor and the relay bridge directly below the transmission arm are made thinner to accommodate the mechanism. After joining the mechanism, the movement thickness is 6.05 mm, which is 1 mm higher than the standard R 27 PS.

Since the height of the rotor has been reduced, it is made of platinum, which is denser than gold, which is the alloy used for standard movement rotors. The movement is decorated with a laser-etched pattern that echoes the pattern of the hollow dial-the laser precisely burns the surface of the rotor, forming a black part under concentric brushing.

There are also some novelties in style
Reference dial. The 5750P is inspired by the wheels of classic cars from the 1920s and 1930s, which usually feature staggered patterns of steel spokes. The dial is made of 18K gold and consists of multiple components to create an openwork pattern.

The bottom of the dial is coated with black nickel plating and has a pattern of concentric circles. Above it are hollow spokes framed by a brushed chapter ring.

The hour markers are white gold with a black coating in the shape of a “kite”. The pointer adopts the modern style of the princess and is decorated with longitudinally printed glossy black lacquer.

The most unusual, at least in Patek Philippe’s terminology, is the second wheel. For the first time, the brand replaced the second hand with a hollow wheel. The wheel echoes the pattern of the dial, and a small pointer is added to its rim to indicate the number of seconds that have passed. best fake watches

The only obvious classic element in the design is this situation. Although it looks the same with ref. The 5178G Minute Repeater is actually completely different.

On the one hand, the structure is new because it needs to be changed to accommodate the thicker movement and the “fortissimo” mechanism. Therefore, the case is 11.1 mm tall, which is thicker than a typical Patek Philippe repeater, but not much different (10.53 mm for reference number 5178G).

At the same time, because the case is made of platinum, the middle part of the case is a one-piece structure that is integrally milled, and then refined and polished by hand-a process that takes six hours. In contrast, ref.’s platinum case. According to Patek Philippe, the 5178G has individually welded lugs, which does not apply to platinum.

The brand said it chose platinum as the case material to emphasize that the function of the “fortissimo” mechanism is completely independent of the case. Although the density of platinum is much greater than that of gold, making it a less than ideal choice for ordinary timekeeping high quality replica watches, platinum has no effect on ref’s bells. 5750P, because the sound is transmitted from the motion to the oscillating wafer and out of the shell.

Patek Philippe “Advanced Research” three questions telling the time
refer to. 5750P-001

Diameter: 40 mm
Height: 11.1 mm
Material: platinum
Crystal: Sapphire
Waterproof: Dustproof and moisture-proof (not waterproof)

Movement: R 27 PS
Functions: hour, minute, second and minute repeater
Frequency: 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz)
Chain: Automatic
Power reserve: 43-48 hours

Strap: Orange crocodile leather folding clasp