Inspired by the desert, ZENITH launched the first limited edition of DEFY EXTREME, accompanied by KOUROSH KEYNEJAD’s exclusive series of photography works

Zenith collaborated with the famous naturalist photographer Kourosh Keynejad to celebrate the first special edition of its most powerful chronograph to date-called “DEFY Extreme Desert“. Kourosh expresses the primitive beauty of the desert environment through his gaze and lens, and embarks on a journey with Zenith, allowing them to show the photographer’s original and unseen works, inspired by watches that embody the power of nature. These photos will be featured in a traveling exhibition, which will start at FIAC in Paris and then travel to Dubai and Tokyo before the end of the year.

For the first special edition of the DEFY Exteme chronograph, Zenith ventured into uncharted territory and gave birth to a work that is both precision watchmaking and wearable art. This DEFY Extreme Desert timepiece draws inspiration from wild and arid desert landscapes and reinterprets the 1/100 of the second hand chronograph in a more artistic way. It is also a DEFY EXTREME watch series inspired by extreme environments. The first paragraph in. The DEFY Extreme Desert watch is equipped with a titanium case, which evokes the endless sandy horizon in a unique and unprecedented way. The button guard and the 12-sided bezel are made of eagle eyes. This is an opaque blue-gray microcrystalline quartz gemstone. Its name comes from the bird of prey that has accompanied desert nomads for centuries, above the eagle eye Hovering over the horizon symbolizes determination and patience. After polishing, the stone will show a flowing luster and emit an unparalleled shimmer, reminiscent of a mirage in an oasis in the hot desert. Hand-made such an exotic gemstone makes it an integral part of the complex structure of the case, which is completely new to the watch. Since each gem is different, with slightly different color and fiber structure, the 50 DEFY Extreme Desert watches are essentially unique pieces.

The hollow dial of the DEFY Extreme Desert chronograph reveals the inner workings of the El Primero 21 movement. The top is decorated with a colored sapphire crystal glass for the chronograph and a warm beige power reserve indicator, supplemented by beige hour markers and Luminous hands and a chronograph applied in the same tone. To complete the look of this conceptual watchmaking work, the durable black Velcro strap and beige rubber strap included with the watch can be easily replaced with a titanium strap thanks to the quick strap on the back of the case Replace the device.

After years of traveling the world alone to the most extreme and remote destinations, he captured the essence with stunning photos. The British-born photographer born in California is known for his stunning photos. Brings out the invisible and beautiful wilderness. This is the first project between the artist and the brand. Sharing the ecological values ​​advocated by Zenith in environmental protection, sustainability and diversity, he naturally immediately felt the connection with the world. Just as Zenith combines tradition and innovation to create the future of watchmaking, Kourosh uses light and color to create images that can convey audience information, and deeply echo the themes and messages that inspire the vitality of his works.

Julien Tornare, CEO of Zenith, said of the collaboration: “I have been following Kourosh’s work for a while, and I must say that he managed to transport us to these remote places and showed us intact that we are not really The natural aspect of understanding-or we just don’t. The great thing about Kourosh is that by being a star, he also makes the public aware of the environmental issues and challenges we all face.”

With the launch of the DEFY Extreme Desert Edition, Kourosh took a set of exclusive pictures inspired by this evocative chronograph for Zenith, which marked the artist’s first photographic project for the brand. Composed of nine images, divided into three triplets, the themes are “Wind Carving Canyon”, “Desert” and “Starry Night” (Wind Carving Canyon, Barren Sand and Starry Night). The photo was taken in four deserts in North America: Great Basin And the Mojave, Sonoran, and Chihuahua deserts.

Pushers protectors & bezel made of Falcon’s eye gemstone
Stronger, bolder and more powerful design
1/100th of a second Chronograph movement
Exclusive dynamic signature of one rotation per second for the Chrono hand
1 escapement for the Watch (36,000 VpH – 5 Hz) ; 1 escapement for the Chronograph (360,000 VpH – 50 Hz)
Certified Chronometer
Screwed-in crown
Full Interchangeable strap system
2 straps included : 1 Rubber with folding buckle & 1 Velcro
Sapphire dial