The amazing connection between Porsche Design and Bauhaus

Since Porsche Design cheap was founded in 1972, its watch collection has been steadily growing. The 1919 series was first launched in 2015 and is dedicated to the Porsche car series. This year, the new series is inspired by the famous 911 series designed by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche 54 years ago! The design and technology of these timepieces strive to be as close as possible to the pure and functional aesthetics of a sports car.

Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was fascinated by the Bauhaus style developed in 1919-hence the name of the series. It shows the timeless design he used in car design, including the world-famous 911 series. In order to quickly understand the different Porsche Design watch series, the Chronotimer series and Monobloc Actuator series (launched at the beginning of this year) pay more attention to the most advanced technology and sports design, while the 1919 series embodies aesthetics and functionality.

There are three new watches in the 1919 series: 1919 Datetimer, 1919 Chronotimer and 1919 Globetimer. These three models are available with pure titanium or black titanium straps or rubber straps. Globetimer in 1919 provided a second time zone and displayed all 24 world time zones on its bottom cover. For Porsche Design, it is important to pay attention to the dial, because this is where all the functions of the watch occur. Therefore, the case of the 1919 series is as small as possible so that the watch can dedicate all the space to the dial, numerals and hands.

A special work in the new series is the 1919 Datetimer One Millionth 911, which will be launched this fall to commemorate the production anniversary of the one millionth Porsche 911 in May this year. We are not talking about smartphones or shoes — we are talking about the 1 million 911 luxury cars that have been sold, which in itself is incredible. At the same time, this watch is not much different from other watches; the second hand flashes the same “Irish green” as the body. The golden Porsche logo is displayed on the dial, and the wristband is made of the same leather as the car seat-even the seams are made of the same yarn. The watch is limited, a tribute to the 130 horsepower of the first 911 model.

The collection of watches replica in 1919 were all developed from the Swiss Porsche Design Watch Company in Solothurn in close cooperation with the studio FA Porsche, and from Weltruf Zell’s own design studio. This makes the watch special; designed in Austria, but proudly made in Switzerland.