Patek Philippe Nautilus choose one of two: 5712 dynamic storage moon phase vs 5726 calendar

Watch king Patek Philippe sports watch, will you choose Nautilus 5712 or 5726?

Based on the high price of the 5711 and the discontinuation of production, the next place for collectors to enter the watch king sports watch is the 5712 moon phase dynamic storage watch, which is also an advanced complication, and has a blue steel belt hot formula, as well as the 5726 calendar wrist. surface. The 5712 is the founder of the modern style. It continues the design of the previous 3712 and the excellent auction market. Not only is it normal to exceed the premium price, it is hard to find a list if you want to get it; and the 5726 is a rising star, and this model was launched in 2010 , The blue face is a new style in 2019, and it also has an over-priced market, but because of the newer style, the market outlook is still unclear.

If you can accept a steel watch with a bit of Vintage style, the 5712 must be in your heart. Since it is a design set by the 3712 in 2005, you will feel that the 5712 has the characteristics of an early high-end sports watch: a thin sporty appearance and a layout that is kind of funny and playful that belongs to the old-school gentry. Its asymmetric face plate ratio is very good (although some people don’t like this charm, it can be said to be a double-sided blade), the focus is first-class recognition, and there are few similar layouts in the market; the 240 movement is equipped with micro Automatic plate, so the watch is quite slim. The layout of the 5726 calendar is perfectly symmetrical. Its blue dial is slightly brighter than that of the 5712. It naturally has a younger and more dynamic vision: as for the full-frame automatic disk of the 324 movement and the calendar module, it must be thicker, but it is sporty. The table view is still very elegant, but the waterproof 120-meter specification surface is more competent.

In short, it is also the Nautilus series. 5712 is closer to Dress Watch. It belongs to watch fans who want to show their secular taste in rigor; while 5726 is a little Sporty, in a calm and leisurely atmosphere. , Can also have a calm and generous. On the charm of the watch, the two are in between; on the difficulty of getting started? The two models also have over-determined prices, but the 5712 is obviously better in speculation, and it is more difficult to get started, and it is also more noble.

Nautilus 5712/1A dynamic storage moon phase

Nautilus Ref. 5712/1A-001, stainless steel material / 240 PS IRM C LU automatic movement / hour, minute, second, date display / dynamic storage, moon phase display / PP imprint / waterproof 60 meters / diameter 40mm

Short comment: The 5712 was released for the first time in 2006. As the 5712/1A is the first small complication model of the Nautilus series, it sells as soon as it is launched. With the trend of sports watches becoming more popular in recent years, it is out of stock for a long time, high in value, and the second-hand market is more popular. It is hot, it can be said to be the super popular style second only to 5711/1A. Furthermore, because the 5711 was discontinued in 2021, the rumors of the discontinuation of the 5712 published in the same year continued, which further spurred speculation.

Nautilus 5726/1A Annual Calendar

Nautilus Ref. 5726/1A-014, stainless steel material / 324 S QA LU 24H/303 automatic winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / annual calendar function / moon phase display / PP imprint / waterproof 120 meters / diameter 40.5mm

Short comment: Although Patek Philippe launched the 5726/1A calendar as early as 2010, it is traditionally black and white with leather belts or chain straps. Therefore, the market volume is flat. It was not until 2019 that it finally released the kingly combination of blue steel belts. , The original black and white noodles will also be gradually discontinued. The watch uses the same blue-black gradient dial as the Nautilus of the early 1976, equipped with a 324 movement and a patented annual calendar module. The layout of the dial is symmetrical and balanced, with a popular blue surface. It is the collection target for watch fans who love advanced complex sports cheap replica watches.