HYT skull lamp

The new HYT SKULL LIGHT is another eye-catching timepiece from the Swiss luxury watch brand.

Swiss watch brand HYT from Neuch√Ętel has been busy innovating yet another amazing timepiece. HYT Skull Light combines three ingenious ideas of the brand, including the smooth expression of hours, animated skulls and mechanical light sources.

At first glance, Skull Light looks similar to its old Skull Green Eye, but it is significantly different from newer watches.

Located between each hour mark is the part of Clou de Paris, which gives the dial landscape a wonderful three-dimensional appearance. The hour track and bezel are highlighted in 5N gold, in sharp contrast to the adjacent black surface.

The Skull Light’s case is made of black DLC titanium with the aforementioned golden highlights. The black DLC titanium alloy gives a stealth-like quality and reduces the quality. Around the skull are 5N gold handmade beveled edges.

The core of Skull Light is the same movement as the first HYT model Calibre 101. The movement is completely developed in-house and is finished with typical traditional watchmaking techniques.

Looking at the skull’s eyes, as the energy in the spring barrel became more and more exhausted, the right eye socket became darker and darker. At the same time, there is a second hand in the left eye socket to show the wearer that the watch is running.

Similar to HYT H4 Alinghi, Skull Light is equipped with a mechanism that captures the energy of the crown winding and converts it into electrical energy at 04:30. By pressing the button at the end of the crown, the two LED lights at the bottom of the dial will illuminate the Skull Light, allowing the watch to “bath in a soft blue light for up to 15 seconds.” There is no battery to generate power, and the micro generator is completely powered by a mechanical method similar to a generator.

HYT once again explores the limits of creativity and is dazzling with its amazing originality.