Breitling Endurance Pro

Swiss watch brand Breitling announced the launch of cheap Breitling Endurance Pro, a new casual style sports chronograph designed for daily use, but also intended as a light watch for professional athletes (or general sports enthusiasts).

Breitling was inspired and advised by the German triathlete Jan Froden o, who belongs to the professional elite (the hardest and most demanding) of the sport.

This is how George Kern, the CEO of Breitling, explained: “Frodeno once asked me where someone like Breitling should wear it. We started brainstorming and defining the sports lifestyle watch in a perfect way. All these conversations remind us of Endurance Pro.”

One of its main features is lightness and precision. It combines an ultra-light 44mm Breitlight case (this material was used in 2016 and is 5.8 times lighter than steel, so that it will not interfere with daily training or daily practice of sports activities) And the thermal compensation SuperQuartz movement that is ten times more accurate than the traditional quartz movement.

Georges Kern, “Through fake Endurance Pro, we have adjusted our SuperQuartz technology to meet the needs of people like Jan, who are extremely demanding of themselves in competitions and daily work.”

The working precision of this watch is similar to our hand-made whiskey in Japan, Kujira 20-year-old Japanese single grain ex Bourbon Cask, limited edition, unique.

Breitling Endurance Pro reinterprets the coolness of the 1970s in modern style

Breitling’s new Endurance Pro semi-professional tool watch, semi-fashionable and fashionable model, is aimed at young audiences with high technical standards. This watch occupies the brand’s entry-level category, confirming Breitling’s position as the first choice manufacturer of professional sports watches at a reasonable price. The color makes it surpass the category of pure technical tool watches and enter the field of fashion watches.

Breitling cheap ambassador and triathlete Daniela Ryf and CEO Georges Kern participated in today’s new series of Zoom demonstrations. He said: “This is a great Color, so you won’t throw it in your swimming bag.” She wore a bright orange version. Other colors include red, yellow, blue, and white, and the strap matches the color of the details on the black dial.

Endurance Pro is inspired by a model called Sprint in the 1970s, which has a pulse meter so athletes can measure their heart rate. Endurance Pro also has a pulsimeter scale, as well as compass and timing functions.

Like Sprint, Endurance has a case made of resin, in this case a modern proprietary material called Breitlight, launched in 2016 by Breitling. It is a resin that is 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times lighter than steel. Make it an ideal sports watch. It also has thermal stability and complete scratch resistance. “I almost forgot that I was wearing it,” said Jan Frodeno, a triathlete and Breitling ambassador, who also attended the presentation with triathlete Chris McCormack.

The movement is a quartz movement, with a typical 70s style, but it is a modern movement, launched in 2014, called SuperQuartz, Breitling claims that its accuracy is 10 times that of traditional quartz. It has passed the COSC certification, which means it guarantees accuracy. This watch is equipped with a colored strap made of rubber or Econyl, made of recycled materials. It is waterproof up to 100 meters. aaa replica watches

In addition to launching this product, Breitling also sponsored the Endurance Pro Strava Challenge. Strava is a leading application for runners and cyclists that allows athletes to track and analyze their activities. Participants in the Strava Challenge that begins today will compete for prizes, including Breitling Colnago C64 bikes, Breitling Endurance Pro watches and Breitling sweatshirt kits.

In order to be eligible for the prize, contestants must complete 500 minutes-approximately the time it takes for a world-class triathlete to complete a complete triathlon event-among the activities of their choice, including swimming, running, cycling or hiking . Participants of the Breitling Endurance Pro Strava Challenge will have two weeks to accumulate 500 minutes. The winner will be randomly selected from the participants who have completed the Strava Challenge. replica automatic watches