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Breitling (breitling) resurrection manual onset second timecase table Tiert with the Prime Minister’s Heritage.

Breitling is known for its timeline table (especially the pilot chronograph), now the premier Heritage Duograph, which debuted together with the new Premier Heritage chronograph, further improves the bet. The new duograph is named after a Breitling-year-old (Breitling) in the 1940 to the 1960s, the second-hour, which is a Breitling-year-old, a manual upper-chain second puppet timeline table that provides power by the internal movement (it launched an automatic second hour meter in 2017). Code table).

It is possible to record two times of time, and the split stop is also known as a chasing pin – from Rattraper, French is “chasing” – and the most expensive chronograph code table in history is due to its complexity. The B15 in the new Duograph is simplified the construction of the second hand, so that the price of the replica watches swiss is cheap.

initial thoughts
In addition to the release of Datora Watches, Duograph also proves that Breitlings of years are moving toward more complex chronographs, which is a good progress on brands. Breitling has a long history of the chronograph, and Duograph is the return of the brand. When IWC Wan Guomheng CEO Georg Cohen is boarding the wheel and sets the new route, Patek Philippe returned to the right track. .

It is important to note that ratchet functions are doing a good challenge, which is why few brands provide complex features, and those who often priced for second-needle are much higher than standard chronographs. Duography starts using steel CHF9500 to make it cheaper than the similar products of competitors. This is to be attributed to the modular structure – the ratchet mechanism is a module located below the dial, which is installed on the B09 base (this is an integrated timing machine).

This makes Duograph’s 100-year spirit to me, especially steel versions. Despite the complex technology, the internal movement is reasonable, but the blue dial is combined with the past and now. What is this?

Centennial duographs have at least two versions available.

The first is a fine steel table with a blue dial with a radial brushed wire, and the surface is coated with polished Arabic numbers, which gives the table in contemporary. However, the inspiration of antiques can be obvious on the syringe pointers and the alkye crystals of the acrylic crystal appearance from the imitation antique table. In addition, the dial is concave and printed with the circular circles, providing some visual texture for the dial.

Duograph also can also be mounted in a 18K rose gold case, which is equipped with a black dial with golden numbers. There is no doubt that the form is more formal, and the gold duograph has reminded the chronograph of the “gold-plated” dial in the 1950s, although the appearance is not bad, although it is a 42 mm case, it may be a black tie A choice of a watch.

The new B15 is completely manufactured inside the Breitling years, is a leader in duograph. In fact, this is a B09 manual upper chain timing unit combined with the second hand module located below the dial. Therefore, the scenery from the back view is the same as the standard manual upper chain timing.

B15 is also a manual upper chain model of the B03 automatic string, with average power reserve for more than 70 hours, and passed COSC certification.

Like all timing movements in the internal period of a Breitling years, B15 is equipped with a cylindrical gear and a vertical clutch.

REF. AB1510171C1P1 (steel)
REF. RB1510251B1P1 (golden)

Diameter: 42 mm
Height: 15.35 mm
Material: steel or 18K rose gold
Crystal: sapphire
Water resistance: 100 m

Movement: B15 movement
Function: Second hour timber table, guide post wheel, vertical clutch, 1/4 second, 30 minutes counter
: Manual upload
Frequency: 28,800 shots per hour (4 Hz)
Power reserves: 70 hours

Tablet: crocodile skin strap, belt folding buckle