Richard Mille’s RM 67-01

Richard Mille’s RM 67-01 uses ultra-thin CRMA6 automatic upper chain movement.

RM 67-01 automatic super flat
The RM 67-01 is launched in 2016 and is a narrow SLIM interpretation of Richard Mille’s iconic RM 010 Automatic watch. Although there is a unique barrel-shaped case and automotive design, its thickness is only 7.75 mm, and includes a fine 3.6 mm hollow CRMA6 automatic core with platinum rotor. The case has a distinguished wrist curvature, and the noble metal is selected as other models of the brand, and the waterproof depth is 50 meters.

Automatic upper chain Core is designed by Switzerland Les Breuleux, and the power is stored for 50 hours. Its gear uses a special tooth profile, which is very common in the automotive gearbox, so there is excellent timing replica watch

On the dial, the automatic upper chain core removes hours and minutes, and the date and function indicator are provided. Set between 1 or 2 points, the function indicator shows which mode of the watch, similar to the gearbox in the car. When pulling out the handle, a small finger is won to w (upper chain), D (date) or h (pointer setting). Date is displayed in 5 points.

The design of the dial creates a visual depth in the super flat case and mechanism, and the figures are mounted on two links of titanium metal rails directly connected to the hollow movement. Each number is carved by solid metal, and is coated with Luminova (a pigment that illuminates in the dark), and also outlines the display of the date display.

RM 67-01 requires a lot of machining and handmade to produce every watch.

All of these beautiful details require Richard Mille’s Swiss players to spend a few days to make and refine every time, whether by mechanical or manual. The case requires a multi-day machine machining that requires 68 stamping operations on the lap, straps and back surfaces. Subsequently, as part of the final finishing and testing phase, the product is hand-fried and polished, which requires another eighth hour.

RM 67-01 is one of the most time consuming and most complex products, not only for fake Richard Mille, but also for general Swiss manufacturing industry. With this kind of blood, it is expected to be proud of any watch series and set an example for the forefront of tomorrow.