Breitling Avenger Hurricane 12H Watch

For Breitling’s presentation at Baselworld in 2016, the brand launched the new Avenger for the first time. Its 24-hour movement is housed in a clumsy 50mm “Breitlight” polymer case. Lightweight and “looks cool”, it is really smaller and more approachable treatment. Well, for those who wish to bring 44mm or even 46mm wearable watches to this year’s fair, please keep waiting-this is not your watch. The 2017 new Breitling Avenger Hurricane still uses the same 50 mm case as its predecessor, but it is now used with the Calibre 01 produced in-house by Breitling – the 12-hour chronograph movement has become a recognized Swiss independent icon watchmaker.

Before we delve into the details of the interior of the new Breitling Avenger Hurricane 12H watch, let’s first say: “Breitlight” may be Breitling’s super-macho “dark side of the moon”, but at 50mm, the audience is greatly affected by the departure door. Big restrictions. Of course, Breitling has the responsibility to showcase its proprietary new polymer technology under the best possible lighting conditions – in this case, Breitling (Breilight) despite its impressive overall size, but also staggering weight.

When replica Breitling Avenger Hurricane is used as an example of Breitlight brightness, the colors are vivid. However, as a groundbreaking new work in the hugely attractive “Avengers” series, Hurricanes accidentally discovered the advantages of its own proof points. In addition to the size complaint, Breitling “Avenger” Hurricane 12 Hours is still an important item in the “Tactical” Avengers series, which has a slight advantage over the previous series because it is clear at a glance, especially for those who are not used to it. Reading time in a 24-hour clock.

Breitling Avenger Hurricane Hourricane 12-Hour Calibre 01, which has obtained COSC certification, is Breitling’s first self-made movement – ​​a modular, 47 jewellery movement launched in 2006 after 5 years of development. The B01 is usually reserved for Breitling’s limited edition or top Chronomat and Navitimer products. The B01 is a column-wheel chronograph equipped with a vertical clutch that produces crisp pusher engagement and buttery actuation on the centrally mounted stopwatch timer. The automatic movement hums at a fairly standard 4Hz, but can carry 70 hours of sufficient power from a single barrel.

Despite the size and internal structure of the case, the real story is still its proprietary Breitlight polymer structure, which is currently on duty for the second time in the Breitling Avenger series. This proprietary polymer is three times lighter than titanium, nearly six times lighter than steel, and is much harder than both and is more scratch resistant. Of course, it is also diamagnetic to prevent the movement inside the movement from the harmful magnetic fields that the wearer may encounter in modern cockpits.

Regardless of whether fake Breitling is still stuffing a larger hurricane in its sleeve for future release, the hurricane in its current form still shows absolute calmness with its super-masculine aesthetics, military-inspired hollow figures and exquisite Breitlight case. . The Breitling Avenger Hurricane 12H equipped with B01 is now available in black and new yellow dials.