MB&F Watch Machine N°9 “Sapphire Vision”

The watch machine N°9 “Sapphire Vision” (also known as HM9-SV) was displayed.

The shell made of sapphire crystal and precious metal is bent and blistered and divided into three parts, and sealed by a proprietary combination of a patented three-dimensional gasket and a high-tech compound bonding process. Two completely independent cantilevers balance the channel data into a differential that converts two heartbeats into a coherent time pulse. The ultra-precision bevel gear can effectively rotate the energy and information current of the engine 90° to display the time on the sapphire crystal dial, and is marked with Super-LumiNova.

On the contrary, under each balance is a coaxial propeller: the twin turbines rotate and become elements of pure visual interest, waiting for someone to start a new type of exploration. HM9-SV brings us into the depths of the ocean, which is the last area on the earth that still holds many unknown secrets.

From the outside, the laws of fluid dynamics still dominate its design, although the use of hydraulically controlled objectives allows the HM9-SV to take a more relaxed approach to the sharp inward angles and parabolic curves of the previous Flow version. From a technical point of view, it is necessary to re-process the size to solve the difference in the characteristics of the sapphire crystal material. Although very hard, sapphire breaks sharply under pressure, while metal only deforms. HM9-SV has smoother lines, minimizing potential mechanical fragility areas.

The three-dimensional assembly of its wheels, gears, plates, and bridges takes an unexpected form to live in a dynamic shell, and the mechanical internal organs and internal skeleton are combined in a beating crystal.

In modern timekeeping devices, the traditional balance frequency of 2.5 Hz (18,000 vph) seems out of place, but the vibration sensitivity associated with lower beat frequencies is compensated by using two instead of one balance. Statistically speaking, two identical calibration systems provide better average readings than a single system, which may produce abnormal results for many reasons. Wholesale replica watches

In order to further reduce the sensitivity to vibration, the HM9-SV version uses a new shock absorption system: a coil spring is placed between the movement and the case. The spring is made of a polished stainless steel solid tube by laser, with excellent elasticity and limited lateral displacement.

The task of performing the average time measurement from the dual balance of the HM9 engine is the planetary gear differential, the gearbox of the movement, and then transmit the final reading to be displayed on the vertically oriented dial. Every aspect of the engine is easy to spot; the eyes can track the interaction between the various components from the barrel to the balance, from the differential to the dial.

In order to seal the external components of the sapphire crystal in an impermeable shell, the 3-D gasket is kept in the HM9-SV, but due to the use of high-tech bonding materials, the sapphire crystal is fused with the metal frame, and Through internal control of processes involving vacuum and high temperature. Although there is almost no seam between the sapphire component and the 18K gold simple frame, this seal can still resist the water pressure of 3ATM (30m).

There are four versions of HM9 Sapphire Vision, and each version is limited to five pieces: two versions with 18K rose gold frames and equipped with NAC coated black or PVD coated blue engines; and two with 18K white gold mirrors The frame versions all use PVD-coated purple or gold-plated engines.

Clear vision
Corundum, usually called sapphire crystal in its gem quality form, is one of the hardest minerals known to man. Such a high hardness means that the sapphire crystal is almost scratch-resistant.

At the same time, this also means that for the processing of complex three-dimensional shapes, sapphire is extremely challenging, and the small processing tolerances required by the watchmaking process make this challenge even more complicated. Since its initial creation, MB&F has been dedicated to handling increasingly complex sapphire crystal components. HM2’Sapphire Vision’, HM4’Thunderbolt’ double-bow crystal, the latest HM3 FrogX and HM6’Alien Nation’ hallucination body are the best examples.

More information about the HM9 engine
Its double balance system with differential is derived from a similar mechanism in Legacy Machine N°2, although its aesthetic form is quite different. HM9 is very keen on expressive design.

Watch No. N°9 deliberately avoids resonance effects. It includes two balance wheels for the purpose of obtaining discrete timing data sets, which can be converted by a differential to produce a stable average reading. This goal will be defeated by the perfect swing of the two balance wheels, thereby providing the same timing data at each point.

Adjusting twin balance is a challenge in its own category. Since the HM9 engine has two balanced components running at the same time, which produces two sets of sounds, this method cannot be implemented. When it was first launched in 2018, one balance had to be prevented first to adjust the remaining balance, and then each instance of Horological Machine #9 was adjusted. When both balances are allowed to run, the calibration will change slightly, requiring multiple loops and readjustments to obtain the best timing results.

Since then, the replica MB&F team has made significant progress in timing adjustment technology, thanks in large part to the experience of creating Legacy Machine Thunderdome. HM9-SV therefore benefits from other years of expertise in this field-not much from the calendar, but inestimable in terms of exquisiteness.