Patek Philippe 5207R-001- Grand Complications

iPhone 5 may not be as fancy as Apple enthusiasts hope, but Patek Philippe’s 5207R-001-Grand Complications watch has enough features to satisfy even the most technically-eager watch lovers.

Patek Philippe has a minute repeater function, instant perpetual calendar, date, month and time window, and even moon phase and day and night display functions. The watch even reminds you of your year. What is even more surprising is that its bell rang through the two gongs on the watch!

The minute repeater that produces the bell can be traced back to the early days of watches. The bell is to help these workers pass the time in the dark, which is especially useful for sailors or police officers to cover night watches or for people with visual impairments. Now, repeaters are a unique addition to fascinating timepieces. Minute repeater is a complicated device that is difficult to design correctly and is widely sought after by collectors.

The manual winding movement uses the Calibre RTO 27 PS QI movement and has a 48-hour power reserve. The tourbillon in the FAKE watch keeps the timepiece amazingly accurate and adds some extra things to the watch. Today, the tourbillon is making a comeback, but it is still difficult to execute correctly. A tourbillon in a timepiece is indeed a sign of excellence, especially a watch as complicated as Grand Complications.

This is not to say that the watch is working properly and there is no fun. With a dark black dial and rose gold case, this watch is simple and complex in operation, but complex. The dial is relatively simple, in sharp contrast to the many operations that can be performed on the dial itself. It is an extraordinary feat that the watch can integrate so many functions into the timepiece without overloading the dial.

Instead, the work looks simple but still easy to read. The hand-stitched alligator leather strap is comfortable and reinforced to increase wear.

Patek Philippe 5207R-001- Grand Complications watch gives full play to the fun of multiple functions, making it fashionable to wear. There are so many things in this watch package, but the design is so effortless that it does not seem to be overloaded. This is a wonderful watch with unique features and a true appreciation for the art of watchmaking.