Harry Winston-Three Questions at Midnight

Harry Winston Midnight Midnight GMT Tourbillon 450/MATTZ45R Replica Watch

The minute repeater is one of the most unique and charming best price watches complications. In order to ring the time, quarters and minutes, the repeater uses an extremely complex rack and lever system to determine the position of the hour and minute hands, and then makes the hammer hit the steel gong in a precise sequence.

No two repeaters are the same. The speed, pitch and volume of each governor are the result of manual adjustments. Therefore, each repeater is a unique piece of art.

The new Harry Winston Midnight Minute Repeater allows the owner to fully experience the mechanical charm of this extraordinary complex function.

In fact, the design of the dial allows the wearer to observe multiple repeater components in operation.

Thanks to the eccentricity of the hour and minute dials, two hammers can be seen when striking the gong with the letters H and W on them.

The movement of Harry Winston‘s midnight minute repeater is composed of 369 parts and has a 38-hour power reserve.

Harry Winston Opus 12 OPUMHM46WW001 Replica Watch