Skull lights

The brand new Hyt skull lamp, another luxury watch brand from Switzerland, is eye-catching timepiece.

Neuchâtel’s Swiss watch brand HYT has been busy innovating yet another amazing timepiece. The HYT skull lamp combines the brand’s three ingenious ideas, including the smooth expression of hours, vivid skulls and mechanical light sources.

At first glance, Skull Light looks similar to its older sibling, Skull Green Eye, but it is very different from the new watch.

Between each hour mark are various parts of Clou de Paris, giving the dial’s foreground a wonderful three-dimensional appearance. The hour markers and bezel are highlighted in 5N gold, in sharp contrast with the adjacent black surface.

The shell of the skull lamp is made of black DLC titanium with the aforementioned golden highlights. Black DLC titanium has a stealth effect and reduces weight. Around the skull is a hand-beveled edge of 5N gold.

The core of Skull Light is the same movement as the first HYT model Calibre 101. This movement is completely developed in-house and uses the typical movement finishing in traditional watchmaking technology.

Looking at the skull’s eyes, as the energy in the spring barrel is gradually consumed, the right eye socket becomes darker and darker. At the same time, the left eye socket has a second hand indicator to show the wearer that the watch has started working.

Similar to HYT H4 Alinghi, Skull Light is equipped with a mechanism that captures the energy generated from winding the crown at 04:30 and converts it into electrical energy. Press the button at the end of the crown, and the two LEDs at the bottom of the dial will light up the skull lamp, “bath the watch for 15 seconds with a soft blue glow.” There is no battery to generate power, the micro generator is completely powered by a mechanical device similar to a generator.

HYT once again explores the limits of creativity and dazzling with its amazing creativity.

There is no doubt that HYT skull Bad Boys are rule-breakers, rebels and unruly people. This appropriately named creation did not become the mainstream, but took its own anarchist path. The dial is not the easiest to read, and for some potential buyers, the case may be too large. However, it doesn’t matter.

Skull Bad Boy has brought some new and interesting new things. It represents the fusion of clock and art. At this market level, potential buyers are unlikely to own only one watch, and potential buyers may own several watches. If you want to measure smaller time units, HYT can provide other watches that are more suitable for daily wear. However, if you want to use the philosophical concepts of time, mortality, and the value given by life, then HYT Skull Bad Boy is for you.

Therefore, I return to the original question: “Although all girls like bad boys, do all boys like HYT skull bad boys?” Well, I can’t answer for all boys, but I want to make a leather jacket by myself, Put on Harley Davidson clothes, put on HYT Skull Bad Boy, put on your wrist and enter the sunset.Popular watch

Technical specification

Model: HYT Skull Bad Boy
Reference: 151-DL-43-NF-AS
Case: Black DLC titanium; diameter 51mm; height 17.9mm; sapphire crystal to front and caseback.
Functions: Black retrograde fluidic hours, seconds; power-reserve indicator
Movement: Exclusive HYT Calibre, hand-wound movement; frequency 28,800 vph (4 Hz); 35 jewels; power reserve 65 hours
Strap: ‘Buffed slate grey alligator strap, velcro clasp with keeper’