MB&F HM4 Kittyhawk – The original HM4 prototype becomes unique

MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Black Replica Watch

The original prototype of HM4 was transformed into a unique work, which greatly reduced the nostalgia of MB&F.

The two icons of MB&F celebrated its tenth anniversary, thus embarking on the path of memory. Two weeks ago, we witnessed the release of HM3 FrogX, a special 10-piece version of the beloved HM3 Frog in a transparent sapphire case. Today, MB&F celebrates the 10th birthday of the No. 4 watch machine with a unique piece made of original titanium prototypes and decorated with Kittyhawk nose.used watches for sale

CURTISS P-40 kitten
Airplane fans of World War II will be familiar with the Curtis P-40 Warhawk, a single-seat, single-engine American fighter jet that debuted in 1938. The P-40 is called Warhawk in the United States. Most people use the P-40 Allied forces during World War II. The P-40D model is nicknamed Kittyhawk. In June 1941, the Commonwealth Desert Air Squadron enlisted in the Middle East and North Africa campaign. The famous 112th Squadron of the Royal Air Force flew over the P-40 in North Africa and painted the sinister shark tooth nose on it, and finally won the title of “Shark Squadron”.

The production of HM4
Unlike many MB&F watches that may be concocted in space, the design inspiration behind the HM4 is obviously obvious: two prominent torpedo-shaped carbon canisters look like twin jet turbines of a fighter jet. Like many MB&F works, the idea of ​​HM4 stems from Max Büsser’s childhood passion for model airplanes. HM4 Thunderbolt came out in 2010 and won the best concept and design watch at the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards in the same year.

The surprising configuration of the HM4, its dual hour/minute pod (right turbine) and power reserve (left turbine), and the balance wheel exposed in the central horizontal part required the development of an unprecedented movement. The HM4 engine was designed and developed by MB&F with the help of Laurent Besse and Berger Reynard. The fuel can be kept in uninterrupted air for 72 hours. The fuel is stored in two barrels and transmitted to the turbine through the vertical gear train. Viewed from the top of the transparent sapphire section of the case, the streamlined cock supports the balance wheel, and the balance wheel exposes the balance wheel. When viewed from the landing gear, the sapphire glass panes show elaborate parts and the brand’s iconic tomahawk posing as a bridge. The twin turbine at the rear of the case integrates two crowns, one for setting the time and the other for the winding movement.

It has appeared in various forms over the years, the first version was HM4 Thunderbolt in 2010, followed by Razzle Dazzle and DoubleTrouble in 2011. In 2012, the HM4 RT in rose gold, titanium and sapphire was produced in limited quantities until the final shape. And the final version of HM4 in 2013. Also produced some unique works for Only Watch auction, such as HM4, and equipped with a panda on the control.

From prototype to HM4 KITTYHAWK
In the past ten years, HM4 has been very complex, limiting its output to 100 pieces. However, HM4 has traces of a prototype form. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of HM4, MB&F removed the titanium prototype and painted it with P-40 Kittyhawks’ iconic shark teeth and eyes. To apply nose art, a few millimeters of titanium were removed from the side of the fuselage before the miniature painter Isabelle Villa (Isabelle Villa) painted sharp teeth and angry eyes. In order to protect the miniature paintings, a layer of transparent varnish was finally applied.

Like all other versions of the HM4, the three-part titanium case is beautifully constructed, with a polished and brushed surface, and the sapphire glass is precisely processed and polished to provide a clear view.

Technical Specifications – MB&F HM4 KITTYHAWK

Case: Grade 5 titanium and sapphire-54mm wide x 52mm long x 24mm high-articulated lugs-two crowns for setting time and winding

Indication: The left turbine indicates the power reserve-the right turbine lasts for hours and minutes

Movement: 3D watch engine developed by MB&F, manufactured by Laurent Besse and Beranger Reynard-311 parts-two main barrels, can provide 72 hours of power reserve-21,600vph-hour, minute, power reserve indicator

Strap: Vintage leather strap-titanium deployment buckle