The complete guide to Patek Philippe vintage chronographs

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In the first article in collaboration with Alexandre Ghotbi, the head of Phillips Watches Europe and the Middle East, Revolution unveiled the mystery of the rare world of replica Patek Philippe chronographs before the 1980s.

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In the field of chronographs, there is also a watch. From the moment you see it to the moment you die, your mind, body and soul will be irrefutable and trans-transformed-this is the Patek Philippe reference 1463, in Italy The same is true in the language. Collectors call them “Tasti Tondi” because of their large size. Some people would say that they are arched dome-shaped pushers.

The charm of this watch is so alluring that if you can bring back the ghosts of Gérald Genta, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Phidias and lock them in a room for a hundred years, they will not be able to design this chronograph. The beauty beyond 1463. However, my favorite Tasti Tondi is Patek Philippe’s only waterproof antique chronograph, it is the 1940s and “50s

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Before we begin to understand its history and perhaps equally important, its long-term impact on discount fake watch design, I want to reveal that I don’t have Tasti Tondi. However, I may have a dream one day. This constant desire for singleness and unfulfilled love makes me work harder and dream bigger. For me, 1463 gold, paired with a rare precious gue digital dial (no, I dare not imagine a steel dial with the same structure), paired with a matching gold brick bracelet, is Gatsby’s green light shining from the water. Yes, like Gatsby, I also believe that if I run faster, I can stretch out my arm… one day.

For the purpose of this article, I limit the scope of the chronograph to those before the use of the Patek Philippe movement CH 27 based on Lemania 2310, a perpetual calendar chronograph first introduced by Philippe Stern in 1986 with reference number 3970 Watch, and later in 1998 the traditional chronograph numbered 5070 was introduced.

Interestingly, the 5070 is only the second waterproof chronograph in the history of Patek Philippe, which means that for most of the 20th century, the reference 1463 is absolutely sporty and makes it unique. Finally, as my friend Aurel Bacs of Phillips explained to me, “1463 or Tasti Tondi did not increase in price like other Patek Philippe markets in some respects. For me , Still has a high value. The price of gold in good condition can easily be found above 100,000 US dollars.” From an investment perspective, this is an interesting proposition.

This article marks the first collaboration between me and Alexandre (Alex) Ghotbi, who is the head of the European and Middle Eastern markets at Phillips Sale replica Watches. I have invited him to comment on each model, providing accurate information on the exact year of manufacture and the number of examples and the metals they are made of. This information is extremely important to me in this type of reference story. Therefore, without further ado, let us dive into the rabbit hole. Sit down and light your Hoyo de Monterrey, or drink Negroni first. I hope you like to read as much as we like to organize for you.

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Number 130-Icon (1936-1964)

Alex thoughts
The Reference 130 is one of the most diverse chronographs ever produced by Patek Philippe. During the production from 1936 to 1964, its design evolved over time, initially being produced as a single pusher and later included two pushers. The model is mainly made of gold. A relatively small amount of rose gold, made of stainless steel, the rarest case is a combination of steel and gold. There are many types of dials, showing various styles, from fan-shaped designs to pulsating scales.

I don’t have a breakdown of production figures by metal/dial combination, but it is safe to say that most of them are made of gold, followed by steel and rose gold. Platinum and steel/gold are the rarest. In fact, only 14 steel/pink gold models are known.

Interestingly, the stainless steel case is slightly different from the gold case. The case of the case is slightly thicker, but the lugs are shorter and have a slightly larger diameter of 33.5mm, which gives the watch a distinctly modern appearance. And the epidermis on the wrist also increased significantly.

One of the rarest changes is definitely a dial with a black dial, including a super rare steel dial with a black dial and precious gue numbers, and two unique examples of one-button buttons: a stainless steel dial with a large 35mm case And the chronograph placed vertically on the dial.

Another gold-black dial.

Reference 130 is the best Patek Philippe chronograph. Its design code is the basis of Calatrava style, with slender lugs and thin bezels. It shares the case design with the two Patek Philippe icons released in the early 1940s. Reference the world’s first perpetual calendar watch in 1526 and the world’s first perpetual calendar watch in 1518.

As always, people should pursue quality first, instead of focusing on unique works or works whose production quantity can be calculated on the one hand. I think the most collectible works are stainless steel, rose gold and refined versions. Stainless steel case with scalloped dial.

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