Harry Winston-Ocean Double Retrograde Perpetual Calendar

Harry Winston Ocean Biretrograde Perpetual Calendar OCEAPC42WW001 Replica Watch

Ocean Collection™ double retrograde perpetual calendar automatic winding 42 mm

The Harry Winston Ocean Collection celebrates its 20th anniversary with intricate timepieces. Ocean Biretrograde perpetual calendar automatic winding watch 42 mm provides a comprehensive overhaul of the graphic code of the perpetual calendar watch. This 42mm rose gold or white gold timepiece has geometric meaning and architectural features, showing a double retrograde perpetual calendar through contrast and horizontal play. This new perpetual calendar watch adopts the highest level of detail, relief and texture, follows the route set by the Ocean series, breaks the routine to set its own rules and surpasses the classics. This exclusive watch cleverly applies these codes to a masculine interpretation.

Ocean Biretrograde perpetual calendar automatic winding 42mm adopts a new method to indicate how to display instructions on the Harry Winston perpetual calendar watch. They are listed in the area defined by the color and height level. For Harry Winston (Harry Winston) Ocean series watches, this is a new design challenge. People have rethinked one of the most sublime and luxurious complication and incorporated it into the design of unique eye-catching watches with modern aesthetics. This new watch is made of 18 carats of rose gold or white gold, and will also be a limited edition of 20 white gold timepieces, and inlaid with baguette-cut diamonds in the bezel and lugs.

Twenty years have passed since the Ocean Collection series emerged in the watch industry. This series is the most sporty style in the House Discount fake watch product series. It has a modern and unique feel and is tailored for men with strict standards.

The beautiful codes (such as the satin bezel with a sudden drop) and the obviously eccentric lugs (with dross and three arches surrounding the crown) are placed on the diameter of the case, reaching between technology and masculinity Perfect balance. In addition, Ocean Collection is built on two unique pillars: the constant pursuit of technical performance; and the balance between endless depth and display options.

After reconsidering its display method, Harry Winston added a very classic complication to his marine series, and is equipped with a perpetual calendar, which contains instructions related to the annual calendar-day, day, month, leap year And moon phases. Its mechanical movement allows the watch to display the correct number of days per month-28/29 days in February and 30/31 in the other 11 months.

Ocean Biretrograde perpetual calendar automatic calendar 42 mm date and date indication on the calendar are retrograde. The hand showing daylight rises, while the other hand falls. When they reach the end of their respective loops, these pointers will automatically jump back and start their slingshot again. The data display of this perpetual calendar watch also makes it unique.

A series of concentric circles on this perpetual calendar dial form an orderly data display and buffer area. The grained flange that matches the color of the case is reserved for dates and dates. Next is the satin decorative thread, which extends to include the 12-point Harry Winston emerald applique. The next ring is the hour circle, with Arabic numerals alternating with illuminated hour markers. The center of the dial is surrounded by a spiral plaid and decorated with Clou de Paris motifs-reminiscent of important textures in the marine series.

The month dial is located at 12 o’clock, with a large hollow hand and with the year indicator. The balance is provided by the moon phase at 6 o’clock. This interplay between satin, grainy, polished and textured patterns produces a clear and easy-to-read matrix that guides the eye through the rich details on this special dial.

The HW3501 movement is equipped with a self-winding movement in an 18-carat rose gold or white gold case, adjusted by a silicon hairspring, and has a 72-hour power reserve. This white gold hollowed-out rotor is the hallmark of Harry Winston watches and achieves this kind of autonomy. Relying on the power of this professional technology and the power of design, the Ocean Biretrograde Perpetual Calendar Automatic 42mm automatic movement is a superb masculine Sale replica watch with unparalleled aesthetic principles and very delicate.