SevenFriday P1

Sevenfriday P3C/04 - RED CARBON Replica Watch

Sevenfriday P3C/04 – RED CARBON Replica Watch

SERIES:Sevenfriday P-Series Watches
CASE SIZE:47.6×47 mm
Crystal:Sapphire Crystal
Dial Color:Black, Red dial
Bracelet Strap:Alligator Leather
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Functions:hours ,minutes

In the past few months, SevenFriday’s watches have caused a great sensation and have received widespread attention from the watch media, but it must be more smokey than fire.

In the past few months, SevenFriday watches have caused a great sensation, especially on the Internet. Here, we are always happy to see people in the watch industry doing new and different things, so we decided to use SevenFriday P1 and check it out for ourselves. After wearing P1 for a week and conducting in-depth research, we came up with some very interesting results.

It is important to put SevenFriday P1 in the proper environment immediately. For most of the history of mechanical clocks (dating back to the 15th century and before), a simple circular dial system with some type of hands has been the main body of the clock. Ask anyone what the clock or watch looks like and they will describe some changes to the theme.

But from the mid-1990s and early 2000s, brands such as Urwerk and MB&F began to reimagine the appearance of watches. In the past two decades, satellite indicators, rotating cones and refracting disks have all come into play. These works combine basic traditional machinery, advanced technology and forward-looking vision to produce novel watches that interact with time. Due to the relationship between R&D and production costs, these high-end timepieces are rarely cheap and can easily be pushed into the six-digit stratosphere.

SevenFriday seems to be following a similar path, but with different goals and priorities. The brand itself describes the P1’s design focus as “an impressive mechanical display of visual complexity” and “an interface that transmits engine power to the ground.” The interplay between impressive visual effects and complex mechanical devices is one of the reasons that makes Haute Horlogerie so interesting. Let’s take a closer look at what you can get (and what you don’t get) with these interesting entry-level watches.

SevenFriday replica watches was formally established by Daniel Niederer in May 2012, although he has been engaged in product and brand development for more than one and a half years before the official release. The first collection of watches includes P1, P2 and P3, all changes are based on the same basic design. P3 has black PVD treatment and red decorations, P2 has dark gray PVD and rose gold decorations, and P1 (the watch we see here) has a stainless steel case without PVD treatment, with a gray/silver color scheme.

The stainless steel case measures 47 x 47.6 mm, is 13 mm thick, and has integrated lugs. Although this is clearly intentional and part of the overall beauty of the P1, it does not detract from the appearance of this watch. On the back of the case, you will find various specifications engraved on the back of the case, including case size, strap width, water resistance (3 atm), movement information and serial number. It was a good contact and played into the industrial feel of SevenFriday.

Sevenfriday T-Series T2/02 Replica Watch

In terms of the dial, it is difficult to tell what you are looking at at first-P1 looks very complicated at first. However, if you look a little more carefully, you will find how simple and straightforward P1 is actually. The large gear-decorated hand on the top of the dial is the minute hand, the shorter bronze hand below is the hour hand, the dial at 9 o’clock is the 24-hour indicator, and the dial at 5 o’clock is tracking the running seconds. There is nothing too crazy here, and depending on your expectations, it may be good or bad. replica Greubel Forsey watches

SevenFriday P1 seems to present itself as an industrial high-end timepiece, although what you really get is a three-hand watch with a 24-hour indicator. Powering all of this is an automatic Miyota movement, and you can see the balance beating through several dial cutouts around 7 o’clock. Combining the complex pointer system and various case finishes, you will get a very interesting looking watch with simple functions.

This is where SevenFriday P1 really succeeds. The case is sturdy and sturdy, and it is clear that the finishing has attracted a lot of attention. There are various colors of brushed finishes on the case, as well as a highly polished bezel. The dial has several colors, both brushed and polished surfaces, and some components have grooves and bevels. The five-layer dial has a high visual depth, and the light can be well emitted from all surfaces, which can attract the eye from almost any angle.

You will notice that the dial clearly reads “Zurich” between 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock, which is really misleading. As mentioned above, the Japanese Miyota movement powers the P1. When talking to Mr. Niederer himself, we found that these parts are not actually made in Switzerland. Parts are purchased from many suppliers around the world, and the SevenFriday watch itself has been assembled in Hong Kong and China. Although this is not a natural bad thing, the brand seems to imply that these watches originated in Switzerland.

Before starting the actual experience of wearing SevenFriday P1, we have one last criticism-packaging. Although the details of the various watch cases and dial components are excellent, in theory, this packaging is great, but the execution is not perfect. The industrial box packaging box fits the inside of the watch perfectly, but there are many typos on the outside. Although this is certainly not the most important thing on SevenFriday, it is frustrating when you invest in a product, and the “owner information” contains the location for the “address”.

In addition to packaging, the experience of wearing P1 is crucial. I spent a whole week wearing P1 in New York City and found that it has many surprises in storage. First of all, my wrist is small and I think the 47mm case is too big for me. Aesthetically speaking, I still find it to be larger than what I usually like, but comfort is not an issue at all. The integrated lugs and padded strap of the case make the P1 very suitable for large best replica watches. It is almost impossible to let it slip under the cuffs, but if you want to hide it under a shirt or jacket, don’t wear this watch.

Another issue I expect is readability. The huge gear-shaped minute hand is so large that it almost blocks the smaller hour hand below. A couple of days ago, I did find that this was a problem, but as time passed, my eyes turned to the dial and I could understand P1 at a glance. The 24-hour clock helps a lot here, and I often find myself using it instead of the hour hand to get time.

SevenFriday P1 is a watch that can attract people’s attention anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s the person sitting next to the subway or a friend I drink with him, everyone wants to know what’s on my wrist and what it does. Most people are surprised when I explain that complicated dials are easy to read and tell the time like most watches.

This allows us to obtain the special value provided by SevenFriday P1. Although some of the above comments may sound completely negative, we are just trying to balance the features provided and not provided by SevenFriday P1, and their advantages and disadvantages. There is no doubt that its biggest advantage is the visual impact and interest you get.

Although P1 does not provide HYT’s liquid-driven mechanism or dual-reverse tourbillon movement like Christophe Claret. If you are interested in high-end timepieces and want a sturdy watch that can provide the same visual clues and inspiration as these watches, but you may not want to lower your salary for a year (or more) on the replica watches price , Then SevenFriday P1 may be a good choice for you.