MB&F launches LM permanent EVO

MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO Blue 07.ZR.BU Replica Watch

Movement is eternal.

The LM Perpetual (or LM QP) is the most complicated MB&F watch launched in 2015. It is powered by an ingenious movement that combines a “split” escapement and a novel developed by Irish watchmaker Stephen McDonnell Perpetual calendar mechanism. Now, MB&F has redesigned the watch to create a more sporty and stronger successor LM Perpetual EVO.

LM Perpetual EVO has made several adjustments to the case, dial and movement. These adjustments have a significant cumulative effect, and have increased water resistance and an integrated rubber strap.

Although the design of the traditional machine (LM) series was inspired by the 19th century and Jules Verne, the LM Perpetual skeleton movement and the intricate dial always have a modern feel, despite the original model painted in white primer Dial.

However, EVO makes full use of the hollow dial to become an ultra-modern watch. The material and structure of the case are new: zircon now has a more complex structure, with concave sides and angular lugs integrated with the strap. The sub-dial is black, in sharp contrast to the black, blue or orange bottom plate.

Most notably, EVO reminds people of Harry Winston Project Z1, which is another major product developed by MB&F founder Maximilian B├╝sser when he was CEO of Harry Winston Rare Timepieces. The watch is still using Project Z watches today. Shell design.

Although the EVO is not a typical sci-fi MB&F watch, it managed to create a new look (or restore the old look) without much difference from the appearance of the original LM QP-this is a successful evolution of a successful watch. EVO is limited to 15 types, the most conspicuous of which is orange. This makes it one of the most expensive perpetual calendars on the market, but it is a rare combination of many qualities: exuberant design, creative craftsmanship and excellent decoration.

MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual EVO Black 07.ZR.BL Replica Watch

Mechanically, EVO is the same as LM QP. The movement was developed by Stephen McDonnell, a watchmaker who was not known in the industry until he worked at MB&F. Mr. MacDonald redesigned the traditional structure of the perpetual calendar, creating a more reliable and user-friendly mechanism, which is fully visible on the dial under the oversized balance wheel.

Although LM QP provides more common metals such as gold and titanium, the outer shell of EVO is zirconium. replica MB&F has used this metal in a small amount in the past. This metal has low allergenicity and corrosion resistance, namely HM3 and HM5, but it was used for the first time in the LM series.

However, despite the interesting material of the case, the highlight is actually the design. The new case has been cleverly completed, and the aesthetics and functions have been enhanced. The small buttons used for the calendar on the original LM QP have now been replaced by larger rectangular buttons, making it easier to adjust the calendar. But the buttons are located in the recessed case strap, so they avoid looking like chronograph buttons and do not break the case too much.

The border is not obvious, but it has now completely disappeared. In a structure that is becoming more and more popular with watchmakers, the crystal is fixed in the middle of the case to form a panoramic view of the mechanism on the dial. The ring that acts as a shock absorber is located between the case and the movement, and also acts as a visual boundary between the crystal and the case.

For sports watches, it is important that EVO’s screw-down crown and 80m water resistance are not part of the diver’s domain, but it is more than enough for highly complex and expensive sports Shopping fake watches.

MB&F traditional machine permanent EVO

Diameter: 44 mm
Height: 17.5 mm
Material: Zirconium
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 80 m

Movement: The perpetual calendar movement developed by Stephen McDonnell
Functions: hour, minute, date, date, retrograde leap year and power reserve indicator
Winding: manual winding
Frequency: 18,000 times per hour (2.5 Hz)
Power reserve: 72 hours

Strap: rubber strap, titanium folding clasp