Franck Muller Revolution 3 skeleton

Franck Muller’s “Revolution” series of tourbillons represents one of the most ambitious, radical and amazing achievements in contemporary watchmaking history.

Today, Franck Muller showed off the Vanguard Revolution 3 skull, providing an extraordinary technical and emotional performance that can only be found in Franck Muller.

Presenting an impressive skeleton movement, the work reveals an elegant black bridge and red aluminum indicator, allowing you to observe one of the most exquisite mechanisms in all watchmaking.

This three-axis tourbillon corrects gravity in all positions, while the classic tourbillon can only compensate for gravity when the watch is upright. This complex axis system is a technological miracle and is the result of one of the most complex creations of haute horology.

This tourbillon occupies a dominant position in the lower half of the movement. Its rotation time is one hour, eight minutes and sixty seconds, corresponding to its three axes. This highly complex mechanism makes the Vanguard™Revolution 3 skeleton a miracle of precision, and most importantly a masterpiece of micromechanics.

Power flows from the gear train through the three axes of the tourbillon, which activates the balance five times per second. Since Revolution 3 has three axles, the gear train has a lot of resistance to overcome. In order to power the three-axis tourbillon, the movement has a power reserve of 10 days. In addition, it contains two retrograde indicators at 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock, indicating the rotation progress of the eight-minute axis and the 60-second axis.

This watch is placed in a pioneer case for the first time, with sapphire domes on the front and back, further highlighting the magnificent three-axis tourbillon.

The Vanguard case is made of grade 2 titanium and is treated with a black PVD coating. The strap is made of red Alcantara®, which can easily adapt to the shape of the wrist, and perfectly matches the red decoration and Vanguard case in sports.

Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton is completely designed and manufactured in-house, and is a mechanical treasure house of Franck Muller’s outstanding manufacturing knowledge. The brand new Vanguard Revolution 3 frame has a 5-year tourbillon warranty and is provided in a special box with an automatic opening system.

About Cintrée Curvex Revolution 1: Improving the art of tourbillon
From the very beginning, Franck Muller understood the emotion that a rotating tourbillon can bring to the watch owner. What is exciting is the reason why Franck Muller mainly produces flying tourbillons, because without the top of the bridge, you have a clearer understanding of the mechanism of complications. However, Franck pointed out that the owner of the tourbillon always wears the watch at eye level to appreciate this mechanical world. He wondered if it was possible to make a tourbillon protruding from the dial so that the owner could better understand the mechanism. He began to experiment with this idea, and an extraordinary mechanism appeared: “Revolution 1”. By pressing the left button on the frame, the tourbillon cage rises to a few microns from the bottom of the sapphire crystal. From the side, you will be able to see that the balance wheel is fully raised from the height of the dial. The result is an unprecedented understanding of the complexity of watchmaking.replica watch Price

During the design of this watch, Franck faced one of the biggest challenges. If the pointer of the tourbillon is above the opening of the tourbillon when the button is pressed (for example, at 6 o’clock), the tourbillon may damage the hands of the watch. Therefore, he decided to create a system where they would jump at 12 o’clock no matter where the hands were on the face to ensure that they would not block the raised tourbillon cage. But most importantly, by releasing the button, the hands will return to the correct time position without losing one second of accuracy. Although this sounds simple, the technical challenges are extreme. It is much more difficult to make the hands jump at the right time than to raise the tourbillon. Franck’s solution was to design a system similar to the “return” function in a split-second chronograph. Essentially, he had to create two traps-one in each hand-which is why Revolution 1 is so difficult to develop.

Therefore, for Franck Muller, the success of Revolution 1 proves that the tourbillon has untapped potential for contemporary consumers. The recognition of Revolution 1 quickly paved the way for one of the most important watchmaking industries in the new century: the first multi-axis tourbillon watch.

About Cintrée Curvex Revolution 2: Two-axis tourbillon
“Toubillón”-or whirlwind, if translated from French, is the most widely studied complication of fine watchmaking and has received high praise and universal praise. It consists of a shaft on which all the adjustment mechanisms of the mechanical watch, including the balance wheel, balance wheel and escapement are placed. Then, it rotates around its own axis every 60 seconds to compensate for errors caused by gravity in these components when the watch is in an upright position.

Since it is designed for pocket watches, the classic tourbillon can only compensate for the negative effects of gravity in the upright position. Therefore, after several months of research and development, Frank Muller (Franck Muller) launched Revolution2. Revolution 2 rotates around two axes, so it can not only compensate for the effects of gravity when the watch is in an upright position, but also compensate for the effects of gravity. Horizontally. This innovation brings a new connection to the tourbillon of the Best fake watch.

About Cintrée Curvex Revolution 3: Beyond 3D.
Since the pocket watch was conceived, the tourbillon was designed so that it can be operated in an upright position. However, when using a watch, the usual position will vary greatly according to the movement of the user, which in turn will cause significant changes in operation.

Therefore, after years of development, Franck Muller produced the world’s first three-axis tourbillon in 2004, which completely changed the watch industry. The engineers of Franck Muller surpassed Revolution 2 and created a true masterpiece. This three-axis tourbillon can correct gravity in all positions. This is contrary to the classic tourbillon, which can only compensate when the watch is upright. This incredible complexity is the result of one of the most complex pieces in Haute Horlogerie.

About Frank Muller
Franck Muller was founded in 1991 by master watchmaker Franck Muller and watch case expert Vartan Sirmakes. It is one of the most acclaimed independent companies in contemporary watchmaking. Award-winning brands such as Franck Muller are known for their high technical content and unique complexity, which is produced in-house at the Genthod manufacturing plant in Geneva. From the world’s first three-axis tourbillon Revolution 3 to the world’s most complex watch, Franck Muller’s Aeternitas Mega 4, Franck Muller has created extraordinary works that are in the history of Swiss watchmaking Forever left his mark.

Franck Muller has more than 50 world premieres and patents. His creativity has been warmly welcomed by watch connoisseurs and celebrities all over the world. His design that represents important technological advances in Swiss history has also dazzled the world. . Fine clocks.