Ulysse Nardin Freak X

What kind of diving high quality replica watches do we need? In the beginning, the diving watch was used as a professional tool watch. Nowadays, the diving watch is the “darling” in the hearts of watch friends. Especially in the hot summer, the blue ocean brings refreshing coolness. At this time, the diving watch It is definitely a single product suitable for swimming and diving. Like many watch friends, I like diving watches. Apart from anything else, the rigid design of the diving watch is more in line with my taste. Some time ago, a friend around me said that I would like to take a look at a dive watch. I just happened to take a look with everyone today. There are some new models in the dive watch market this year.

When I visited the forum some time ago, I found out that the Diver X diving watch of Ulysse Nardin Watch is quite popular this year, and many watch friends have successfully started it, especially the Antarctic and Cape Horn models of Diver X, which are really cool to get started. .

I am not going to talk too much about the deep relationship between Athens Watch and the sea. That period of history can almost be said to be imprinted in the blood of the brand. In my impression, Ulysse Nardin is a low-key brand with history and technology precipitation. Its product line is very complete, which is more admirable.

The emergence of the Diver X watch, like a bomb exploded on the lake, very clearly showed us the brand characteristics of the Athens watch and the target audience. I personally think that there are several reasons why the Diver X watch was able to catch fire this year.

First of all, the diving watch itself comes with “hot”, which is the type of watch that watch friends pay more attention to; secondly, the accomplishments of Ulysse Nardin in watchmaking, such as the Minute Questions of the Puppet, the Wonderful Tourbillon and the Astronomical Trilogy, etc. Enough to establish the status of Ulysse Nardin, this time the self-made movement carried in the Diver X watch plays an important role for Ulysse Nardin; finally, the three Diver X watches are fully open, from the all-white Antarctic model Everyone looks forward to the all-black Cape Horn models.

Not much nonsense, let’s first take a look at the advantages of these three Diver X watches.

Innovation Pioneer Strength Core

Let’s take a look at the “core” of the Diver X watch-the UN-118 movement, which is a very famous self-produced movement of the brand.

Speaking of self-produced movements, Ulysse Nardin launched the UN-160 self-produced movement in 2006. The UN-160 movement is an important milestone in the brand’s self-produced movement. In the second year, Ulysse Nardin and the Swiss company Sigatec jointly developed the DIAMonSIL escapement, which laid an important foundation for the UN-118 movement. Sigatec is also currently under the umbrella of Ulysse Nardin. The emergence of the UN-118 movement reflects the use of new materials and new technologies by Ulysse Nardin. The reason why the self-produced movement is emphasized here is because for the brand, the self-produced movement has a huge investment and the consumption cost is very high. The production process of basic parts requires a large amount of capital investment, but the self-produced movement can directly reflect From these perspectives, the brand’s watchmaking strength and aesthetic philosophy, the importance of the UN-118 movement to Ulysse Nardin is self-evident.

The most wonderful thing about the UN-118 movement is the DIAMonSIL escapement mentioned above. What is DIAMonSIL? Diamond silicon crystal is actually coated with a layer of diamond film on the outside of the silicon lever escapement. This material is better than silicon in terms of hardness and smoothness, because these characteristics of diamond silicon crystal can effectively reduce friction. , And there is no need to add lubricant to the escapement. Everyone knows that Ulysse Nardin is the first few brands that can master silicon technology. DIAMonSIL diamond silicon crystal technology is the unique innovative technology of Ulysse Nardin. Diamond silicon crystal is a rare material for movement. It can be seen that Athens Watch has always been in a leading position in this regard.

The UN-118 movement is also equipped with a four-screw adjusting balance wheel, which is fixed on the bottom plate through a more solid cross bridge, which effectively improves the stability. UN-118 has a stop-second function, can adjust the calendar front and back, and has a power reserve of 60 hours. The accuracy has long surpassed the observatory certification.

Super high value, personalized color matching

From the inside out, let’s take a look at the appearance of the three Diver X watches.

The color scheme of the Diver X watch is very special. The Antarctic model is mainly white, the Nimo point model is mainly blue, and the Horn model is mainly black. The white Antarctic model is one of the most popular watches, after all, all-white diving watches are relatively rare in the market. This Antarctic model uses a white rubber watch and a rubber strap. The bezel and dial are embellished with ice blue. This design is inspired by the cold Antarctica and is indeed a bit crystal clear. It is not easy to make a white watch well, and it is easy to look less masculine. The Diver X Antarctic model has a strong style and looks very handsome with white.

The color schemes of the Nemo point and Cape Horn models come from the Vendée Regatta, which has a cooperative relationship with Ulysse Nardin. The special red, blue and black and yellow colors can quickly distinguish them from other diving watches.

The Diver X watch gets rid of the design of the traditional diving watch, but it is quite clever that it retains the characteristics of the Athens watch. The diameter of the watch is 44 mm, but because of the relatively short lugs and the titanium case material, this watch will not be very bulky to get started, reducing the size of the watch. The concave bezel is more sporty and bold, and the table mirror is hemispherical.

The layout on the dial is derived from the historical marine chronometer of Ulysse Nardin. The 12 o’clock position is the power reserve display, and the 6 o’clock position is the small seconds dial (this dial layout design can also be seen in the Marine nautical series). The “X” pattern that spans the entire dial is brushed, which contrasts sharply with the grainy dial. The effects of the two are completely different under light.

The concept of “X” element is very important in Ulysse Nardin. Freak X, Skeleton X and Diver X have formed a unique product line. It is a manifestation of Ulysse Nardin’s watchmaking spirit and youthful aesthetics. X” is integrated into the dial without affecting readability at all. On the Diver X watch, “X” as a design element of the diving watch is very eye-catching and recognizable.

Ulysse Nardin’s Diver diving series is a very complete series. The entry-level models such as Diver 42 have a public price of around 50,000, and the entry-level models such as Diver Chronometer 44 and Diver X have a public price of 63, 000. This price plus the Athens watch The configuration, I think it is very competitive. There are Diver Chronograph 44 and Diver Deep Dive 46, which start at around 90,000 yuan. It is worth mentioning that Ulysse Nardin also has a special lady diving watch Lady Diver as a professional diving watch. The appearance of the Diver X watch hits the aesthetic points of many watch friends, so it can “fire”, but also expected Among.