MB&F HM9 rose gold


MB&F fake founder Maximilian Büsser has always been a car fan and adopted the aesthetic features of the mid-20th century model in the 2014 HM6 Space Pirates, especially the subsequent SV “Streamliner” version. In 2018, MB&F will further develop by showcasing one of the most ambitious designs to date.

Horological Machine N°9’Flow’ is bold not only because of its unconventional shape, but also because it requires extreme use to achieve. Although the cases in the Horological Machine series are usually innovative and aggressive, the case of HM9 has broken the limits. Due to its extremely curved curves and sharp angles, new standards and manufacturing techniques must be explored to obtain perfect machining and finished shells.

Horological Machine N°9’Flow’ is not designed according to conventional production methods. The curve is too obvious and the surface treatment is too harsh.

When the MB&F team submitted the HM9 drawing to its manufacturing partner, the answer was immediately clear: impossible. Other examples, such as the undulating hull of the HM6 space pirate, have complex geometries, but the maximum differential height (the vertical distance between two adjacent points) does not exceed 5 mm. In HM9, this difference has been doubled to create a radical curve, giving the case a very sexy character.

On these steep curves, there is a problem with very fine mirror polished or wider satin-finished strip steel surfaces: it is difficult to guide a tool of a predetermined diameter (assuming 10 mm or more) into the narrow grooves on the surface of the case in. However, there is no doubt that the layout of different finishes should be changed according to the tool, because this will affect the volume beauty of HM9.

The spectacular geometry of the clock machine N°9’Flow’ also requires excellent contrast. Therefore, the requirements of HM9 have led to changes in manufacturing methods.watches replica

Considering the proportion of the curve on the HM9 shell, it is important to control the overall size. The width of Horological Machine N°9’Flow’ at the widest point is not less than 57 mm, which requires a very compact and robust engine. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of HM9 is understanding how to combine such an expressive design with a small, constrained engine.

The arrangement of the three main parts of the HM9 case alternates from the widest to the narrowest, and vice versa, so it is impossible to integrate the traditional movement into a case with limited lateral symmetry. It is necessary to divide the housing into two shafts and design an unprecedented three-dimensional seal. This patented innovative technology is completely new in the best quality replica watches industry.