Zenith Defy DOUBLE TOURBILLON 10.9000.9020/79.R918 Replica Watch

So, you know how Zenith replica makes some of the coolest watches, right? Yes, that is not what we mean. After the decentralized but wild Defy Xtreme, Zenith seems to be somewhat stagnant in making watches that attract attention. Of course, they came up with high-quality products such as El Primero Synopsis, which provides the current El Primero open dial cool feeling, the overall appearance is more beautiful, but lacks the display effect. When Defy was revised to a model more in line with its past design, it became a highly sought after product. Then they used the skeleton dial and chronograph again to make changes, and finally reached a consensus with Defy Lab.

Still? You will find that Defy Lab is an experimental watch, and no one knows how Zenith’s new vibrating disk design will evolve over time. The new Defy Double Tourbillon has launched a watch based on traditional timepieces, with the balance wheel and Swiss lever escapement being more traditional. You’ve seen watches with multiple tourbillons before. My holy grail is the classic complex double tourbillon of the gue. Antoine Presziuso made three tourbillon watches, while Greubel Forsey made three tourbillons. But what makes the Defy Double Tourbillon stand out is the way it uses the tourbillon.

Traditionally, it is an escapement mechanism used to deal with precision errors caused by the earth’s gravitational field. Very suitable for pocket watches, almost meaningless on watches. These tourbillons are not designed for gyroscopes, nor are they designed to resist the effects of gravity on watches, but they are still additional complexity. The watch is operated by a tourbillon most of the time. The lower tourbillon has a larger diameter and a relatively standard beating frequency of only 5 Hz. When the watch is not used for timing, it is only used to display the current time, which is almost as usual and can run for 60 hours.

However, when you activate the chronograph, you will immediately find that this watch has very few “normal” states. The second tourbillon started to work. It is smaller and lighter, and its operating frequency far exceeds 5Hz, more like 50Hz. This means that it is not only the fastest rotating tourbillon on the earth (the turret takes 5 seconds to make one revolution, instead of the standard minutes), it also means that the chronograph time can be as low as one hundredth of a second table. Powering this beast requires a dedicated barrel, which provides a 50-minute power reserve for the chronograph, which is good for such a fast speed. El Primero even obtained TimeLab’s astronomical clock certification.

Hands-on Zenith Defy El Primero double tourbillon

The Defy family is currently Zenith’s first choice for displaying innovations. In recent years, there have been many innovations-recently, we have Defy Inventor (first launched as an experimental Defy Lab), which has a new monolithic silicon oscillator at 18 Hz or 129,600 vph beat. These are not, the most convincing, not your father’s (grandfather’s) El Primeros. On the one hand, Zenith is the only one of the three major companies that launched the self-winding chronograph in 1969 and still produces (more or less) original movements. , Defy El Primeros often adopts new materials and new watchmaking technology, visually enterprising, and technically explores how far to advance the watchmaking process.

The latest member of the series is Defy El Primero Double Tourbillon. This is 1/100th of a second hand chronograph, it is equipped with two tourbillons-one for the train traveling at the same time, the other for the chronograph. The chronograph train tourbillon rotates at an industry standard speed of 1 revolution per minute, while the chronograph tourbillon rotates at a bubbling speed (12 rpm) every five seconds, making it the fastest rotation ever One of the tourbillons (the only other five-second tourbillon I know is the Franck Muller Thunderbolt Tourbillon), which only has a 5-second chronograph frame.

Now, it is interesting that this is not the first time the LVMH brand has launched a double tourbillon chronograph with 1/100 second resolution. As far as I can remember, TAG Heuer first produced this kind of thing in 2012, when it released the latest cheap replica watches of the Mikro series chronographs – MikrotourbillonS, which also has chronographs and train chronograph Stopwatch; like the El Primero double tourbillon, the chronograph tourbillon cage rotates 12 times per minute, or once every five seconds. During this period, TAG Heuer was extensively experimenting with unusual technologies and materials, and even once used watches with magnetic escapements (Carrera Mikropendulum was launched again in 2010 and 2013).

The basic technology seems to have been adopted by Zenith. But (assuming this is the case) MikrotourbillonS made some interesting technical changes. In MikrotourbillonS, the tourbillon to be driven has a holding time of 1 minute, the balance wheel vibration speed is 28,800 vph (at 10:00); the chronograph tourbillon (360,000 vph, 5 seconds rotation) is at 8:00. In the El Primero double tourbillon, the position of the tourbillon cage has been changed. The chronograph tourbillon is now at 10:00 and the departure train tourbillon is at 6:00. The most important thing is that the frequency of driving balance has been increased to 36,000 vph, thus bringing the timepiece resolution into the El Primero series.

El Primero Double Tourbillon will be released in limited editions-platinum and black carbon. In this size (46mm x 14.50mm) watch, the time difference will be very different from the case material. The one we prepared for “Hands On” is made of platinum and is a big piece at every level imaginable-just like you can imagine, it is a massive watch, in addition to There are two tourbillons and stunning visual effects. The chronograph has been turned on, and there is no doubt that this watch is extraordinary.

Running the chronograph at such a high frequency will indeed be a sacrifice, especially in terms of power reserve. The chronograph train and the chronograph came out of the barrel separately, while the running train had a power reserve of fifty hours, but the running time of the chronograph was limited to fifty minutes-therefore, there was no chronograph. The remaining power of the chronograph is displayed at 12:00. The self-winding movement 9020 is quite large-35.8 mm in diameter, which matches the size of a pocket watch, but in some cases, it is best to enjoy certain programs on the large screen between two tourbillons and the rapidly rotating second hand, This is an excellent movie watch (and, the double tourbillon double barrel watch is probably a heavy suggestion).

The basic principle of watchmaking innovation is that, best of all, they provide some real improvements in functionality. Today, in the field of mechanical watches, this problem is more complicated than ever. The real timekeeping of real timepieces began to be popular in the early 19th century. By the 20th century, it had become an increasingly precise science. Prior to this, people certainly hoped that replica watches review could achieve the precision that watchmakers could achieve (and have been actively pursuing the improvement of precision, even as early as the 15th century, they have been pursuing precision), but in fact, our current precision Of course, this is difficult, if not impossible, which means that watchmakers can freely create whimsical and entertaining watches as a useful means of regulating daily life. Lolek Watch Museum in Neuchatel-these are not exercises to improve function or precision, but mechanical entertainment.

Today, watches produced by better manufacturers such as Rolex and Omega can easily maintain amazing closing speeds (±2 seconds per day, from miraculous achievements to amazing speed, reaching industry standards), and have the most accurate Quartz watches differ from the time standard of only a few seconds per year by a few seconds of accuracy. We once again encountered a situation where accurate time may not be the main goal of watch innovation, but the production of watches regardless of design or dynamics In general, aesthetics are attractive to its owners.

In this score, the Zenith Defy El Primero double tourbillon has a certain taste in the watch, which has both a highly sophisticated mechanism and a very successful transfer as a watch technology. Today, through tools that are not available to manufacturers in the 18th and 19th centuries (and most of the 20th century) (including high-speed computer-guided milling machines, wire-etching machines, and LIGA and silicon manufacturing. It took half a century to debug, And the way to achieve success purely from a mechanical point of view can now be prototyped in software, and can even be produced more easily, faster and more efficiently than before.

From a practical point of view, the advantages of this particular watch may be quite abstract, but from a purely interesting point of view, it is the most successful-the first time you press the “start” button of the chronograph, and the second hand looks like a Like a fluffy hound, jump from zero, your eyebrows all the way to the hairline.

Zenith Defy El Primero double tourbillon: platinum case, diameter 46mm x 14.50mm (dial opening 36mm). Sapphire crystal glass front and back; water resistance 10 bar / 100 meters. Mark, rhodium-plated, with Super LumiNova; hands, rhodium-plated gold, also shiny. Movement, El Primero 9020 movement, self-winding with star rotor; 1/100 second chronograph with 30-second register; double tourbillon, one for the tourbillon in operation, the other for 1 Chronograph rotating at rpm and 12 rpm; balance vibrates at 36,000 vph and 360,000 vph respectively. The double barrel can provide a 50-hour power reserve for the train. The chronograph takes about 50 minutes; the power reserve of the chronograph is displayed at 12:00.