Pharrell and Richard Mille collaborate on “watches outside the world”

“The collaboration with swiss Richard Mille provides an opportunity to go to places that others have never been to,” Pharrell Williams announced in his new partnership watch. Said in the press release. What untapped areas did the musician talk about? Under the sea, where did he purchase plastics for the Parley for the Oceans product line? A place where Dave Punk doesn’t seem to have a helmet Affordable hotels in MonacoActually: “Mars,” Farrell said. Today, the GQ cover star announced RM 52-05, this watch is limited to 30 pieces, the price is very expensive, you must sit down to read. Are you sitting okay, this is 96 dollars, I swear to God, sit down.

The RM 52-05 is made in the typical Richard Mille style: it has a barrel-shaped (barrel-shaped) case; it is composed of precious materials such as red gold, cermets (ceramic and metallic) Mixture), platinum and titanium with diamonds. Advanced machinery such as tourbillon is located at the bottom of the fake AAA watch. You will immediately notice that the astronauts are staring at you from the watch-but it takes a second to be reflected by their sun visor. This watch depicts an astronaut standing safely on Mars, looking directly at its surface, and gazing at our earth. The press release wrote: “One expresses the viewpoint that Farrell Williams dreams of”.

The collaboration between Pharrell and Richard Mille has been around for a long time, and he has been called “the highest creator of timepieces” by the singer. Always an early adopter, Pharrell shouted RM for the first time in the 2006 song “Can I Have It Like That”. Over the years, he has also worn several Richard Mille watches, including 70-01 and 25-01.

Pharrell said the design was inspired by his long-term love for space and his memory of Mercury 9’s “space probe”, which orbited Mars when he was young. He was determined to complete the Mars mission-even through his watch. “Creation is to change our perspective on things. This is really the only difference. With replica RM 52-05, we looked at Mars from another angle. This is an unexpected first-person perspective. This is breaking the rules. . “

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It also breaks the convention: working with musicians to make watches worth nearly a million dollars. In the past decade, collaboration has become the most important way for brands to gather excitement and hype around the new version. Air Force 1 is cool; Air Force 1 designed by Travis Scott is one of the most sought-after shoes this year. Puma is doing, um, okay; Rihanna is the creative director and is responsible for this business. But we rarely see this type of cooperation in the watch industry. Prices are higher and consumers are more influenced by tradition, rather than pure hype. However, this transformation has happened so little. Although not a real collaboration, the Rolex Daytona model 116508 with a green dial has been rapidly increasing in value, driven by the co-signature of John Mayer. Richard Mille has been drumming: the brand has worked with actors like Jackie Chan and Sylvester Stallone in the past.

Pharrell mentioned that he first came into contact with Richard Mille watches luxury in the mid-2000s because they were “like a breath of fresh air and were in a state of stagnation.” The watch, which was co-designed by Pharrell, released, which shows aerospace The crew stared down from Mars to the earth, which was certainly enough to shake everything.