HYT T1 Series

The HYT T1 Series is the latest review replica watches to feature the Swiss brand’s fluid hour display. A long-time admirer of the company, Angus Davies explains why this is his favorite HYT to date.

HYT Watches
When you first meet someone, the conversation usually turns to “What do you do for a living?”. I always respond with, “I write about luxury watches.” In most cases, this is met with suspicion. In fact, many people can’t understand my extreme love for timepieces.

The next question is usually, “Watches are all the same, aren’t they?” At this point, I usually pull my iPhone out of my pocket and show them a photo of the HYT H1. I can’t hide my enthusiasm and go on to point out the fluid hour indication and the bellows pump that moves two fluids within a fine glass capillary. I rarely explain the ingenuity of a HYT watch without hearing a “wow” response. At that moment, my career choice is validated and my horological obsession suddenly becomes acceptable.

HYT since 2012
I remember HYT first appearing on the discount replica watches market in 2012. From the beginning, the brand’s products have been different. The first models all featured a curved glass tube containing two liquids, one aqueous and the other non-aqueous, both flowing simultaneously. A meniscus between the two liquids indicated the current time. A minute hand, a small seconds indication and a power reserve display usually rounded out the list of features, but it is undoubtedly the fluidic hour display that always grabs the headlines.

Over the years, HYT has introduced more models, adopted new materials, arranged the pump in different ways and experimented with different case styles. However, the big budget outlay has always been for the creation of different colors of liquid. Each color of liquid is the product of a lot of R&D and represents a huge investment for the brand. In fact, a few years ago, I was told that it costs one million Swiss francs to develop a new color, which is not a small amount even for an oligarch.

Overcoming technical obstacles
In 2017, I spent half a day meeting with Lucien Vouillamoz, “co-founder and board member” of HYT and Preciflex. With countless questions, I asked this charismatic genius about the technology behind the fluidic hour display.

I asked about the colors of the “microfluids” by asking if they would be adversely affected by light. Furthermore, I wondered if they would always remain discrete? For example, could the scattered colored globs move out of the all-important meniscus? My questions followed.

HYT and Subjective Opinion
Rest assured, from a technical point of view, HYT’s watch design is exquisite and, in my opinion, pure genius. However, despite the impeccable technical merits of the fluid hour indication, I sometimes hear occasional objections from watch journalists. First, the issue of size. The H1 has a diameter of 48.80 mm. However, the minimal lugs and the tendency of the strap to be perpendicular to the watch head mean that the replica HYT feels much smaller when worn on the wrist.

Second, it seems that not everyone wants to see the bellows located at the front of the restaurant. Personally, I like to see the chefs preparing meals, so I am unequivocally in favor of placing the bellows at the front of the restaurant. However, I admit that not everyone wants to hear the clatter of pots and pans or see the chefs fiddling with the plates; it is entirely a matter of personal preference.

HYT T1 Collection – New for 2024
Now, the avant-garde brand has unveiled a new series of watches that cleverly address the aforementioned criticisms, the HYT T1 Collection. This new collection includes four models: Titanium Salmon, Titanium Silver, Titanium Slate, and 5N Gold Titanium Deep Blue. Each model measures 45.3mm x 46.3mm.

While it’s hard to describe the HYT T1 as skinny, the new watch’s smaller size, offset crown at 2 o’clock, and integrated strap design make the watch appear smaller when worn on the wrist. In fact, the smart styling of the new HYT T1 collection should ensure that it wins over more affluent watch enthusiasts.

Another notable difference in the HYT T1 collection is that the bellows can only be seen on the back of the watch, thanks to the display caseback. As a result, the dial design is much simpler and more refined. The main minute hand, coated with Super-LumiNova, sweeps across the sun-brushed dial to point to the clear minute scale. The capillary is located outside the minute scale, and the meniscus is located next to the Arabic numerals to indicate the hours.

HYT T1 Collection – Simple and Easy to Read Dials
HYT cleverly placed the power reserve indicator between 2 and 3 o’clock. This not only adds functionality, but also enhances the visual appeal together with the brand logo. The resulting design lends a simple yet attractive aesthetic, while reading the various indications is also very intuitive. best cheap watch

HYT T1 Collection – Grade 5 Titanium
Back to the case, HYT clearly didn’t skimp on the outer shell. Looking closely at its profile, you’ll notice its angular, geometric design. The curved sides of the case are concave, while the right side of the case contains a crown protection with an intricate shape. As if life wasn’t tough enough, the Neuchâtel-based brand crafted its cases from extremely hard grade 5 titanium, with the exception of the HYT T1 5N Gold Titanium Deep Blue, which includes the eponymous precious metal.

Grade 5 titanium is difficult to machine due to its high hardness. Furthermore, CNC machines must be used for engraving, as this alloy has low ductility and is not suitable for cold forming (stamping). Milling speeds must be much slower than with 316L stainless steel to prevent heat damage or, in extreme cases, fire. Finally, CNC tools wear out faster when milling grade 5 titanium, further increasing costs.

However, these cases made of grade 5 titanium offer a range of practical benefits to the wearer. The material is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic, strong and skin-friendly (hypoallergenic). The “bell-shaped” sapphire crystal spans the dial, its arched profile absorbing light to illuminate the display for enhanced readability. Each version of the HYT T1 collection comes with two interchangeable straps that can be changed without tools.

HYT T1 Collection – Manual Winding Movement Ref. 501-CM
After looking at the replica HYT T1, it would be easy to mistakenly believe that the widespread use of electronic devices has made everything possible, but this is not the case. Indeed, purists can rest assured that it’s all brought to you by a hand-wound movement with a traditional Swiss lever escapement. That’s it. No batteries, integrated circuits or GPS, just the reassuring ticking of the pallet lever. The HYT in-house movement runs at 28,800 vph (4 Hz) and has a power reserve of 72 hours.

In my opinion, the new HYT T1 collection is the best expression of HYT watchmaking to date. The dial conveys the information it needs to, and presents it in a highly legible format. However, putting aside these practical considerations, the smooth hour markers interact with the soul, bringing a delightful pleasure in a world that seems increasingly devoid of joy.

While I admit that the size of my wrist would embarrass a Canadian Redwood, I never had a problem with previous HYT models (e.g., H0, H1, H2, etc.). To be fair, though, the simpler proportions of the HYT T1 collection should attract more watch enthusiasts to the Swiss brand’s products. Considering the cleaner dial design, extensive use of lightweight grade 5 titanium, and the absence of any electronics, there are many reasons to recommend this latest HYT model in the series.

At one time, I was too nervous to reveal my profession for fear of being labeled a “weirdo.” However, my extreme love for watches is becoming less esoteric as more and more watch enthusiasts join the cause every day. To quote one of my compatriots and a famous literary figure, “We the few, we the happy few, we are a league of brothers” seems to be an apt way to describe the growing community of watch enthusiasts, including those who have seen HYT images on their iPhones, or better yet, in person. https://www.proreviewwatch.co