Jacob Co. The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone

Jacob & Co. Links Legacy and Heirlooms with “The World Is Yours” Dual Time Zone

With Geneva Watch Days just around the corner, this watchmaker is ready to celebrate family heritage and heirlooms with his timepieces! Imagine this scenario. The location is Tashkent, Uzbekistan, a former republic in the Soviet Union and the hometown of the Alabov family. 13-year-old Jacob Alaboff and his father Neeson Alaboff are in this space. There was an exchange between them. The emotional gift of the watch is being passed from one hand to the other.

In a family portrait taken 45 years later, the exact same people are pictured with their son and grandson, Benjamin Arabov. Three generations linked by a shared tradition and very rare timepieces. A clock depicting the universe, as if to say: “Go, my child! Go conquer it!”

This is the story of the original watch. This watch introduced Jacob Arabo to the outside world and to watchmaking. The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone pays homage to a family treasure inspired by the Dual Time Zone Online luxury watch that Jacob Arabov received from his father, Nison Arabov, when he was 13 years old.

In his opinion, this watch is very special, inspired him and made him determined to make his own timepieces in the future. This is the original inspiration behind every watch Jacob & Co makes. The next generation will eventually receive the watch that is still in the family to this day. While waiting, it became the inspiration for The World Is Your Dual Time Zone.

A watch from a father to his son has a special meaning. They represent more than a simple item: values, love, wisdom, blessings, and the overwhelming pressure to do good. This particular watch bears the formerly famous Wakmann brand name and is the prototype for every watch Jacob & Co. has ever made.

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There is an element of intimacy in every Jacob & Co. product. Design never happens by accident. Its roots lie in a narrative, a desire, which for Jacob Arapov almost always involves passion. Everything is done by himself. He puts his all into what he creates. Jacob and Benjamin Arabouf made the heartfelt decision to title this new series The World Is Yours in honor of Mr. Neeson Arabouf who gave them a sense of direction in life. True north acts as the small second hand in “The World Belongs to You Dual Time Zone” and is depicted as a wind rose diagram.

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The Jacob Arapov watch has two sub-dials sandwiched between two engravings, one European and one American, and complicated by two time zones. A dial showing a map of the entire earth was unusual and unconventional for the time. None of the Westerns specifically showed the USSR. Even in that time and place, depicting the West was a luxury enjoyed in private and secrecy. But that’s what the Arapovs did, and they ended up making the journey to America.

Neeson Arapoff’s gift to his son is a signal and a reminder that the world is a place to reach and conquer. One day, as soon as Jacob Arapov got his hands on a watch, he decided to create one of his own. This timepiece can be considered the father or mother of all Jacob & Co. timepieces.

The first watch in the latest The World Is Yours collection is The World Is Yours Dual Time. The first complication Jacob & Co. added for its original inspiration was a dual time zone with two sub-dials. It’s housed in a 43mm rose gold case with curved edges. In order to provide the largest possible dial, its bezel is stepped, round and extremely thin. This is followed by a large sapphire crystal in the shape of a tall dome.

Given that the dial itself is curved, like the earth it symbolizes, this feature is crucial. Amazingly, there is a 3.7mm difference in height between the lowest and highest peaks. Therefore, the hands are similarly bent. The crown is simple, rounded and polished, blending in with the shape of the case.

The time zone dial reflects Jacob & Co.’s attention to detail and craftsmanship. The two sides of the Atlantic represent three continents. The westernmost regions of Africa, Europe, and Asia (including the Arabian Peninsula) lie to the east, as do northern, central, and southern America.

Each continent has been engraved and stamped in extraordinary relief and finished in rose gold. A high level of detail and realism can be seen in mountains and depressions. The curved edges of the dials give them more presence. This dial conveys the feeling of viewing Earth from space. However, the world is a globe. And everything is represented by “the world is your dual time zone”.

The entire caseback is etched and made of 18K rose gold. The rest of the planet is located here. From Europe to Japan, all of Africa and Asia are represented. with skin. Hidden from public view except for the wearer.

A brass plate with a high dome serves as the dial. The shape of the continent is cut out using a high-precision laser. Use a specially designed high-precision mold to stamp its surface. Three sub-dials are engraved inside the dial. The objects are then galvanized and painted in rose gold. The blue ocean is painted, an intricate process done entirely by hand. Then, the minute track as well as Roman and Arabic numerals are printed in blue lacquer.

The new Jacob & Co. unique movement powers the “The World Is Yours” dual time zone watch. It shows two time zones, aligned vertically on either side of very small seconds, and displays hours and minutes. The crown can be controlled at the minute level for each time zone. Although this feature is extremely rare, Jacob & Co. considers it absolutely necessary. For countries with unique UTC time offsets, the only option for displaying local and other times is to use this method.

This is the case of India and its 1.3 billion people. Indian Standard Time across the subcontinent is UTC+05:30. The minute hand is a miniature rosette with four main arms, one of which is painted red as the pointer. It represents the compass needed to traverse the globe. It is a compass that guides us, similar to the moral compass proposed by Mr. Neeson Arapov. Logically, it should be centered at the top of the domed dial.

The “world is yours” dual time zone has now become a technically rich, beautiful and exciting creation.