Bell & Ross Sweet Variations

Watches become desserts, full of fun! Coinciding with the launch of BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze, famous pastry master and brand friend Julien Dugourd made BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze Chocolate Caramel Cake ingeniously, which is refreshing.

As a watch fan, Julien Dugourd has a special liking for Bell & Ross watches. Like the two founders of Bell & Ross, Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo, he believes in cherishing every moment. Julien often works for the Prince’s Palace of Monaco and is also a member of the prestigious Club des Chefs. This time, he made a cake based on the design of the BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze, adding a sweet taste to the masterpiece of timepieces.

precision watchmaking
For Julien Dugourd, creating a Cyber Skull cake was both challenging and fun, explaining: “I am obsessed with flying culture, and the BR 01 watch, which is inspired by the dashboard of an airplane cockpit, is particularly attractive to me. Most of his collection is Bell & Ross watches, including two Cyber Skull models. replica watches cheap

Julien Dugourd is 39 years old and has studied under famous teachers such as Marc Veyrat, Jean-Georges Klein and Alain Ducasse. When he was playing for Plaza Athénée, he saw Bell & Ross in the hands of another pastry chef, Christophe Michalak, and he couldn’t help himself. He is as obsessed with aerospace technology and Formula 1 as Bell & Ross. Recently, he had the opportunity to share his work with the drivers of the Alpine team on the racing track, and exchange the same philosophy of excellence as Bell & Ross.

Precision Technology and the Art of Living
The Cyber Skull Bronze watch is limited to 500 pieces. The exquisite watchmaking technology is amazing. The kinematic device in the movement can drive the opening and closing of the skull’s jaw, just like preparing to taste the cake made by Julien Dugourd. The shape and structure are full of fun.

Bronze faceted case (45 x 46.7 mm, water resistant to 50 meters), equipped with a unique BR-CAL.210 manual winding movement, the movement is decorated and polished with exquisite handwork. watch replica swiss

The combination of watchmaking and pastry technology
The design of the BR 01 Cyber Skull watch is unique, and the cake made by Julien Dugourd is also comparable. Several layers of structure form a structural case appearance. He said: “The shape of this cake is loyal to the BR 01 Cyber Skull. It is in the window of my new sweet shop in Nice. Show up inside.”

Julien uses Caribbean-style potato chips as the bottom of the cake, with a piece of chocolate biscuit on top and a layer of caramel, surrounded by chocolate mousse, then pressed with cocoa butter, and then sprayed with natural material pigments to simulate the bronze material of the watch case; a piece of chocolate The wafers are sprinkled with gold powder to create the appearance of a skull and two crossbones. In the past, pirate ships would fly the skull flag, and the uniforms of the elite paratroopers who landed in Normandy during World War II also showed the skull logo .

material and taste
Bell & Ross creates high-end timepieces for professionals. It is made of luxurious and high-tech materials. Materials such as gold, steel, sapphire crystal, titanium, carbon fiber, leather and rubber are of high quality, and countless watch designs can be combined. BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze, as the name suggests, is based on bronze. Bronze is one of the oldest alloys in the world. It contains copper and tin. Over time, it will oxidize and develop a patina color. The luster changes subtly, exuding a unique personality.

Julien Dugourd also carefully selected the best quality chocolate and caramel materials to make this cake. The combination of the two bursts with rich taste and texture, just like the different textures of watchmaking decoration and polishing techniques. The rich chocolate has a long aftertaste, and the caramel is smooth and sweet. The combination of the two flavors is irresistible… replica men watches