Hands-on review of the Richard Mille RM67-02 High Jump

There is a contradictory side, even ironic when I look at the Richard Mille RM67-02, which was shown during the last IAAF World Championships in 2017, which I had the opportunity to spot during the last SIHH. Mutaz Essa Barshim is one of the two ambassadors of this ultra-thin watch, and he is worthy of the high jump champion! I don’t know if this slender and graceful athlete, who can leap over the horizontal bar at 2m 43, is the best at evoking the RM67-02 high jump technique. But one thing is for sure: Mutaz Essa Barshim is a very convincing standard-bearer in Richard Mille style thanks to his skills, his Qatari nationality and the pleasure he feels wearing the watch, including at official events .

I really like this watch for two reasons. The first reason is that it is a variant of the RM67-01, one of my favorite Richard Mille ‘simple’ watches. The second reason is that this movement development (I prefer to say: transformation) was successful because it not only brought many aesthetic differences compared to the basic watch, but also completely convincing from a practical point of view. In fact, despite its apparent simplicity (the RM67-02 is a two-handed watch after all), it contains all the ingredients for a successful Richard Mille watch: bold design, performance fit for intended use, and original and innovative solutions.

The RM67-01 caught my attention at a presentation 2 years ago, thanks to a case I found particularly successful. It reinterprets the brand’s traditional tonneau-shaped case with elegance and sophistication. Its delicacy doesn’t lose any of its character, as the proportions remain even, allowing the watch to maintain its vibrant side. Likewise, despite its flat appearance, a sense of depth is perceptible due to the construction of the movement and the open dial.

So I had the pleasure of finding these same proportions again with the RM67-02, but in a decidedly different aesthetic context. In addition to the range of colors we first noticed, the case of the RM67-02 offers a career-changing detail for watches: thanks to the 4 extensions that are the hallmark of Richard Mille sports watches, the RM67-02 departs from its The cozy vibe of its predecessor, finally found on a tartan track. These serrations break up the fluidity of the original watch’s lines and give it a more masculine look. But, that’s the whole success of the design, the watch doesn’t lose its subtlety.

The case consists of three distinct parts. The bezel and case back are made of Quartz TPT, which is made of multiple layers of silica impregnated with a special purple resin, thus defining the main color of the watch. The case is made of carbon TPT, which follows a similar principle, but with carbon fiber. The rendering is spectacular, regular and marbled at the same time. It’s as if a touch of danger has been added to the tight structure. In any case, the result has been achieved: despite the case thickness of 7.80mm, it is very shock-resistant, making it suitable for all kinds of sports exercises, including obvious high jumps! In addition, together with the strap and the movement, it brings the ultimate lightness to the watch. So think about it: With a total weight of 32 grams on the scale, the RM67-02 is a true featherweight! Lightweight but not a timepiece of small size, as the slender style maintains dimensions of 38.70mm x 47.25mm. This size means a lot, especially for a non-round watch. However, because of the thickness of the bezel and the limited dial opening, the watch appears smaller on the wrist.

The RM67-02 High Jump is to the right of the RM67-02 Sprint, dedicated to Wayde Van Niekerk:

Let’s talk about straps. I’ve highlighted one of the key points here, not to mention the foundation of the RM67-02: its strap. It’s no use making a watch that’s light, strong, and dedicated to physical activity if it’s moving on the wrist. Therefore, it is necessary to find a strap that perfectly protects the case, including during rapid movements of the arm. The braided strap of the RM67-02 is a model of its kind. It’s completely seamless, non-slip, and can be used as a wrist strap. Its elasticity is perfectly balanced, even if its handling surprised me the first time around. I’m afraid of breaking the “fastener” by pulling too much. But I have nothing to fear. The bracelet is reinforced with titanium inserts, and I was able to test the elasticity further. It doesn’t matter after all, because I can feel the essence: comfort is optimal, the strap cinches the wrist without squeezing it, the skin breathes, and the watch doesn’t move even with a handshake or large arm movement. This strap is an ideal complement to the RM67-02. That’s what I love about Richard Mille: the tiniest detail stays true to purpose.

The dial of the RM67-02 is made of titanium and treated with black DLC coating, which also has many surprises, especially compared with the RM67-01. To be honest… even if the mood is still there, everything has changed. We can say goodbye to the numerals and the structure in which they are located, and say goodbye to additional complications (date and crown function display). The new presentation features thicker, more pronounced lines and more primitive shapes. Most of these lines are hand-drawn, with a purple border for a welcoming vibe. The overall rendering is both geometric and detailed, as the moving parts of the movement are very visible (the balance wheel of the RM67-02 is more visible than the balance wheel of the RM67-01). To fully appreciate the performance, the satin-finished hands are skeletonized. From an aesthetic point of view, this is a benefit. Very good observation of contemporary architecture in motion. But from a practical point of view, this is a disadvantage: despite the treatment of their ends, they tend to get lost in the weaving of movement, affecting readability. It’s a shame because I love this dial and its aesthetic consistency with the bezel.

The caliber CRMA7, here in the context of the RM67-02 Sprint:
The RM67-02 is powered by the in-house movement CRMA7, which, as the name suggests, is identical to the CRMA6 used for the RM67-01. In fact, the technical characteristics and performance are similar: 4Hz frequency, 3.6mm thickness, about 50 hours of power reserve. Like the dial, it is machined from a single piece of titanium and treated with a black DLC coating. I really like the presentation of the winding quality and the shape of the bridge. The fast-rotating barrel and the specially contoured teeth optimize energy consumption and ensure the most stable behavior along the power reserve. Finally, the free-sprung balance variable inertia, protected by a transparent incabloc, designed for better shock resistance and offering direct adjustment via 4 small counterweights.

RM67-02 high jump is a watch I like very much. I am fully aware that it will not leave indifferent given its unique aesthetic and main color palette. This is a real love-hate watch. But it symbolizes Richard Mille’s approach perfectly. It’s a two-handed watch, but it’s designed with the same care and eagerness to push its performance to the extreme as much more complicated watches, which explains its sky-high price tag. Thus, turning the RM67-01 into a sports watch is a success. The RM67-02 is eye-catching, but on the wrist it can be completely forgotten thanks to its lightness and comfort. I can almost feel my wings grow when I wear them. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to jump higher with those extra 32 grams!


  • A successful aesthetic evolution (or rather transformation) of the RM67-01
  • The moving parts of the movement are clearly visible on the dial side
  • Efficiency of CRMA7 movement
  • wrist comfort, best in class


  • Legibility due to low contrast between hands and dial
  • The high price of two-handed watches, the result of a demanding and successful approach and the quest for absolute exclusivity