Reasons to Buy an Omega Speedmaster

As a long-time Omega Speedmaster collector, when asked why I bought a Speedmaster, I usually say “seems like you need a…”. But the reality is not that simple. Sometimes you need to totally convince yourself to spend your hard-earned cash on something you don’t need, like a mechanical watch.

First of all, the most important reason to buy any watch is that you like it, no, you love it. At this point, it doesn’t matter the brand name on the dial or the price number on the label. If you love a watch and can afford it, don’t wait any longer and place your order now. When watch fans visit watch websites, it is most likely because they love watches, want to read articles about their favorite watches, or maybe want to know about the latest styles. Most watch fans are well aware of the Speedmaster, and in fact the Speedmaster has received a lot of attention and demand over the past few years.

The purpose of this article is not to tell readers that you need to buy a Speedmaster. As mentioned, you don’t need to buy any wristwatches. However, if you have been struggling whether to buy, the following 10 reasons may help you make a decision.

  1. The coolest historical origin

In 1957, Omega released the Seamaster, Ironmaster and Speedmaster watches in one fell swoop. Among them, the target group of Speedmaster is athletes and scientists. Omega marketed it as a watch for racing drivers and ran some ads to go with it. Unbeknownst to Omega at the time, this watch would play a role in the greatest space race of all time about a decade later. As readers may know, the Speedmaster was worn by some astronauts before it became the official NASA wholesale replica watches.

As early as 1962, astronaut Wally Schirra wore the Speedmaster CK2998 watch and soared into space. In 1964, MASA invited watch brands and dealers to offer a chronograph watch. Brands like Rolex, Longines-Wittnauer and Waltham responded, but only the Omega Speedmaster stood up to all the rigors of testing. Finally, in 1965, the Speedmaster qualified as the official chronograph used by astronauts in space.

In the same year, astronaut Eddie White wore two Speedmaster watches during the “Gemini 4” spacewalk mission. In 1969, the entire crew of Apollo 11 wore the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. However, only Buzz Aldrin took it to the moon. Neil Armstrong left his Speedmaster on the Eagle because of a malfunction in the lunar module’s timing equipment. During the Apollo 13 mission in 1970, in the face of an emergency, the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch played a vital role in helping the crew return safely. It is precisely because of this that Omega won the highest honor issued by NASA – the Silver Snoopy Award.

Even during NASA’s last manned mission to the moon in 1972, the astronauts were equipped with the same Speedmaster. Eugene Cernan, wearing the Speedmaster 105.003, was the last NASA astronaut to leave the lunar surface. His watch is now in the Omega Biel Museum and has become the prototype of the Speedmaster Caliber 321 watch released in 2020.

Today, Omega is undoubtedly still telling the story of the moon watch, and with great success. Landing on the moon is one of the greatest achievements in human history, and Omega is worn on the wrists of those legendary astronauts.

  1. Versatile: Speedmaster can be your only watch

For some, the Speedmaster will be the only watch they buy. In fact, the Speedmaster is also fully capable. Contrary to common belief, a modern Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch can be worn while swimming as long as the gaskets are checked annually. Of course, if you like diving, you should choose other watches. The Speedmaster is perfect for everyday use, whether at work or at home. They look great with formal wear, but also look great with a T-shirt or polo. This is a multi-faceted and versatile watch, and wearing a Speedmaster Shopping replica watches will never be rude in style.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is suitable for both men and women. Despite the 42mm diameter, it looks great on most wrists.

  1. The fun of changing the belt of the Speedmaster watch

I bought my first Speedmaster in 1999 and quickly discovered how fun it was to swap straps. Although the watch strap market environment was very different back then, I did manage to find a few straps that enhanced the look and feel of the Speedmaster. My favorite is probably Omega’s “double ridge” alligator strap with a stainless steel folding clasp. Another one I use a lot is the dark brown strap from the Morellato, which makes the black dial stand out.

Today, the limitations of straps no longer exist. A perforated racing strap will make a Speedmaster look very sporty, while a NATO or Velcro strap will make the wearer look like he works for NASA. The 20mm lug spacing ensures endless possibilities. If you can’t find a watch strap from your favorite manufacturer, you can also provide specifications and order it from some companies.

  1. Modern watch chain, stunning

Although you can experience the fun of changing straps, the bracelet that is equipped with the current Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is amazing enough in itself. The Hesalite plexiglass model has a fully brushed bracelet, and the sapphire glass model has a polished bracelet with brushed accents. The latest version of the buckle also adds an adjustment system, which can extend the bracelet by a few millimeters in hot weather.

Previously, some people did not buy the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch, probably because of the bracelet. These people think that the watch chain is the same thickness from end to end, which does not look good. The modern bracelet is inspired by some of the vintage Omega bracelets used for Speedmaster watches, tapering from 20mm to 15mm, which is very delicate and comfortable to wear.

  1. Chronograph movement

Since 1957, Omega Speedmaster watches have used a variety of movements. With the exception of some automatic versions, the Moonwatch has always been powered by a hand-wound movement. Certain other brands used (and still use) modular chronograph movements, that is, a base movement with a chronograph module (often easily identifiable because the crown does not line up with the pushers). In contrast, the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch has always used an integrated chronograph movement. Caliber 321 is the first movement used by the Speedmaster watch, and it is also the movement carried by the moon watch.

Later, Omega released the Caliber 861 movement in 1968. This movement beats at a higher frequency and is equipped with cams instead of column wheels. It was not until 1996 that the Moonwatch finally ushered in a “new” movement, the Caliber 1861, which was slightly upgraded from the Caliber 861. In 2021, Omega launched the new Caliber 3861 movement. This movement inherits 50% of the parts of the previous work, and the rest are brand new, including the Omega coaxial escapement and silicon balance spring. Previously used movements have undergone many iterations, sometimes with very minor adjustments or changes. However, regardless of the Hesalite plexiglass model or the sapphire glass model, today’s Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch only uses the Caliber 3861 movement.

This modern movement brings together all of Omega’s latest innovations and is certified by the METAS Master Chronometer. Unlike the previous movement with an average daily error of -1/+10 seconds, the Caliber 3861 movement promises an average daily error of only 0/+5 seconds, maintaining excellent performance even when exposed to a magnetic field environment of up to 15,000 Gauss or subjected to shock. According to Omega, this movement can also withstand the rigorous testing of NASA in 1964/1965 without any suspense. In addition, Omega has also re-launched the Caliber 321 movement for Speedmaster fans and enthusiasts. However, this movement is only used to assemble a very small number of (stainless steel, gold, platinum) Speedmaster watches.

  1. Most legible chronograph

When I bought my first Speedmaster in 1999, it wasn’t the story of the moon that attracted me, but its clean design and legibility. The black dial with white indexes and luminescent hands and hour-markers makes the Speedmaster Professional Moon an extremely easy-to-read chronograph. Of course, none of this has changed. The modern Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch also has perfect readability. At the same time, Omega also marked the second track for accurate timing.

  1. Speedmaster watches are rich and colorful

If you don’t think the modern Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is right for you, or if you already own one and are eager to get more, Omega offers a wide variety of models. Even in some people’s eyes, there are too many styles! If you don’t like it, don’t buy it at all, just stick to your guns. As a Speedmaster collector, I kind of miss the limited and special editions that Omega released in the past, which brought more variation to the standard Moonwatch. Rather than complaints from collectors, apparently Omega has heard, so there will be no more limited editions after 2019. The 2020 Speedmaster “Snoopy Award” 50th Anniversary Watch is an exception. Although it is not a limited edition, its production is very rare. Some people have been on the waiting list since the watch was released on October 5, 2020. fashion replica watches

  1. The Speedmaster is suitable for all watch collections

Whether you are a novice who is just getting started and is ready to start a collection; or an experienced collector who hopes to further enrich his collection, the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is an excellent choice. I have met many collectors who specialize in high-end brands such as Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet, and they also appreciate the Speedmaster, either because they like the famous story of the moon landing, or simply because the Speedmaster is an extremely iconic chronograph watch. surface. For others, it’s the gateway into the world of watch collecting, including me. Omega Speedmaster watches, whether vintage or modern, are suitable for all watch collections. Even if you add a Speedmaster to your collection and find it doesn’t fit, at least you’ve tried it and you know it. Don’t worry, there are many other styles to choose from.

  1. A Speedmaster owner will be part of an amazing team

Owning an Omega Speedmaster won’t make you any different than owning an F.P.Journe or a Lange Odysseus. When you attend a collector’s party, attend a work meeting, or even take a walk in a crowded place, you can see Speedmaster watches everywhere. Owning and wearing a Speedmaster makes you part of an awesome group of enthusiasts. Whether it’s joining the Facebook #SpeedyTuesday community, sharing pictures on Instagram using the #SpeedyTuesday hashtag, or becoming an active member of the Omega Forum, you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by warm, friendly people fellow enthusiasts. Whether you own dozens of vintage Speedmasters or just one Speedmaster Professional Moon that just had its label removed, you will be equally welcomed and respected.