Neon Realm BLAST Tourbillon Rainbow Watch Interprets the Aesthetics of Gemstones

Jewelry is the field that is most closely related to watches. Top watch brands must have high pearl styles, and gemstones and diamonds are also the most commonly used decorative materials in the watch field. How to make them perfectly blend with the shape of the watch is It has become a comprehensive examination question to test various watch brands, craftsmanship and design aesthetics. Today I would like to introduce a watch to you. I think it is the Athens watch. It is a perfect answer in jewelry inlay. The BLAST tourbillon rainbow watch. (Watch model: 1723-400B1LE-2B-RAIN/3A)

To say that the most popular jewel application of the watch is the rainbow bezel with a rainbow effect composed of various colored treasures. Athens has launched a total of three new rainbow bezels before, and these gem bezels are the most popular with the brand. Proud of the silicon material technology, linked together. Silicon parts have a characteristic, it will reflect iridescent luster under different light conditions, so Athens will restore the iridescence through gemstones of different hues, and decorate it as a bezel.

Judging from the actual photos, Athens inlaid a total of 50 baguette-cut rubies and sapphires on the bezel and hour markers. The gemstones it uses are firstly clear. Athens insists on using natural colors for the Blast tourbillon style. Sapphires and rubies are not semi-precious stones. Many rainbow circles will choose semi-precious stones instead. Although it is not ruled out that semi-precious stones have a stronger color, in the end, natural gemstones are more precious. The inlay process of gemstones is rail setting, gems are attached to gems, it looks beautiful without gaps, and there are no round beads or exposed edges, while rail setting with stepped rectangular or square cutting will highlight the line beauty of gemstones.

These gemstones are also large and particularly translucent gemstones with high clarity. Although the measurement standard of colored gemstones cannot be simply judged by clarity, its physical effect is indeed very brilliant. The rainbow’s red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple transitions do not jump in color, and the gradients are smoothly connected. The colored treasures on the 12 time scales also correspond to the color of the bezel one by one.

The hollowed-out dial of the Blast series tourbillon focuses on perspective aesthetics. With X and the rectangular frame as the main elements, the dial is neatly divided into four spaces. The platinum micro-oscillating weight at 12 o’clock and the flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock, the upper and lower parts, are the visual focus. The flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock is not hindered by the splint of the traditional tourbillon, and has a higher viewing degree. You can also clearly see the silicon parts inside, changing colors with the light.

The hour and minute hands are coated with Superluminova luminous coating. The picture above shows the actual shooting effect of the luminous excitation state of the top luxury copy watches.

The 45mm case is made of two innovative materials in Athens. The middle case is made of black DLC-coated titanium, and the upper case is made of black ceramic. The left side of the case also retains the classic nameplate design, engraved with the watch Independently numbered, the watch is limited to 50 pieces.

UN-172 self-winding movement, full chain can provide 72 hours of dynamic storage. From the transparent design, you can see that the black X-bridge spans the entire movement. The application of silicon material inside makes the performance of the watch stable and reliable in terms of anti-magnetic performance and accuracy of travel time.

The strap design of the watch is also a bright spot. Athens uses velvet texture padding on the outside of the rubber strap. In the past, we saw velvet straps, which were some high-bead style wholesale watches, so that ladies can match evening dresses, but Athens This combination is not only sporty, but also rich in texture, which fits the design theme of the watch.

This new BLAST tourbillon rainbow watch, after combining the tourbillon with gemstones, we can really feel the beauty and charm of the watch when we look at the pictures, so we don’t have to question its physical effect. Athens also put a lot of thought into the rainbow circle. In order to make the colored gemstones present a comfortable visual effect, the colors of these colored gemstones are bright and bright. The transitional gem is refreshing again.