Hands-on: Jacob & Co. Astronomy Sky

The Astronomia series tourbillon is Jacob & Co’s unique way of creating astronomical complications. Generally, they are not intended to represent the actual astronomical cycle with a high degree of accuracy (currently the most complicated example of a watch is probably the Celestia by Vacheron Constantin). Instead, they are a kinetic sculpture of the wrist, based on a four-armed carrier system that supports various additional displays or representations of celestial bodies.

Astronomia watches also feature a very thick case and high domed crystals, emphasizing the three-dimensionality of the carrier structure (as well as providing a true celestial vision). While we’ve said that in general, accurate celestial cycles are not what replica Jacob & Co. seeks in these watches, in the case of the Astronomia Sky there is a very precise sidereal time indication, as well as an elevated indication of the stars .

The entire carrier system rotates around the dial every 20 minutes. At the end of each arm is a dial showing the time, moving clockwise; a stylized rocket ship running stopwatch that rotates on its own axis once every minute; a dual-axis tourbillon (plus the central rotation point of the carrying system) , actually a three-axis tourbillon) and a rotating globe cut from orange sapphire.

The dial showing the time is fixed to the differential system, so no matter where it is mounted, it is always facing up. Just behind it, you can see the central globe, which rotates within a tinted sapphire hemisphere (the globe is hand-carved titanium and turns every 24 hours).

The tourbillon rotates around its innermost axis every 60 seconds and around its outer axis every 5 minutes (3 times per hour, of course, around the inside of the watch). www.super-watcheswholesale.com