Understand the most important point of Panerai 2022’s new work in seconds, Submersible 44mm is back!

Submersible 44mm, the number one keyword for Panerai’s new work in 2022. Recently, a series of new watches unveiled during “Watches & Wonders” are all around the focus of Submersible 44mm; Panerai named the watch of this specification Submersible QuarantaQuattro, the Italian word for “QuarantaQuattro” means “44”. As early as 1998, Panerai, which originally supplied military watches, first released the Luminor Submersible watch (PAM00024) to the private sector, which was the size of the 44mm watch diameter; therefore, when Panerai once again put this historically symbolic watch. The specifications are brought back to the Submersible watch series, which is bound to attract watch fans who are sophisticated about the connotation of watches.

Submersible, which was originally included in the Luminor series, officially became an independent watch series in 2019; the current Submersible watch originally included two sizes of 47mm and 42mm. The addition of Submersible 44mm not only made this specification deeply connected with the brand history once again. Returning to the team also allows the wearer to have more choices to pick out a size that is more suitable for personal posture and more comfortable to wear. More importantly, for watch lovers who have always been in love with the masculine nature of Panerai, 44mm is big enough but not too big, has a visual effect of weight, it is eye-catching and not difficult to control, and more importantly, it is still loyal. Original.

These new models have all the classic basic features of the Submersible series: water-resistant to 300 meters, equipped with Panerai’s patented crown protection device, unidirectional rotating bezel to measure the dive time, covered with white Super-LumiNova™ luminous Coated and metal frame hour markers, with sufficient conditions for professional diving watches. In addition, they are also equipped with a P.900 self-winding movement, a three-day chain, a small second dial at 9 o’clock, and a date window with an updated design that is easier to read at 3 o’clock. Under the premise of the same basic conditions, if you want to compete in the hearts of watch lovers, it depends on which design elements are more suitable for personal appetite.

How to find the most suitable one for you from a series of new Submersible 44mm watches with unique design details such as materials and colors? Horoguides selects the highlights of four new works, analyzes their respective characteristics and the reasons why they are worth collecting, so as to relieve everyone’s worries and disconnect the troubles about which one to choose.

Submersible QuarantaQuattro eSteel™ Watch-PAM01287

HG Painting Highlights|Submersible series first see eSteel™ case & polished ceramic bezel

PAM01287, made of eco-friendly recycled eSteel™, is the first time such an innovative material has appeared in the Submersible series. eSteel™ is actually a new material released by Panerai in 2021, when it was used in the Luminor Marina watch; this recycled steel alloy is comparable to traditional stainless steel in terms of chemical properties, physical structure and corrosion resistance, and uses recycled materials. Remanufacturing of materials can reduce the impact on the environment. The eSteel™ case with a matte finish provides an excellent texture contrast to the polished ceramic bezel.

The green unidirectional rotating bezel is another design highlight. This is the first time Panerai has used polished ceramic materials; the tone of the bezel echoes the dial, and the dial has a gradient treatment, which gradually deepens from top to bottom, bringing out a mysterious and deep overall style. The green crown matches the color of the recycled PET fabric strap.

To emphasize the innovative materials used in the watch, the crown guard and the dial at 6 o’clock are marked with eSteel™ engraving. This watch is the first work in the history of the Submersible series to be marked with this word. Each watch comes with two straps in the same colour as the dial, one in recycled PET fabric and the other in recycled rubber, with an exclusive strap replacement tool and a screwdriver for clasp removal.

Submersible QuarantaQuattro Luna Rossa Watch – PAM01391

Submersible QuarantaQuattro Luna Rossa watch-PAM01391, diameter 44mm / frosted stainless steel material / P.900 self-winding mechanical movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / can calculate dive time / power three days / waterproof 300 Meter

At first glance, the Submersible QuarantaQuattro Luna Rossa watch-PAM01391 will definitely be attracted by its authentic nautical style. The red, blue and white color scheme is inspired by the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli sailing team. On the eye-catching dark blue fabric strap, the center Embellished with a bright red straight stripe and marked with the word “Luna Rossa” in white, it points out the Panerai’s strong connection to the Italian fleet. The classic frosted stainless steel case and bezel are matched with a blue sunray dial, and the configuration of the red small second hand is even more finishing touch. The overall style is dynamic and elegant, with eye-catching color matching, restrained texture, and the standard configuration of sunny men.

Panerai’s blue dials have always been treated particularly attractively. The sun-ray patterned blue dial on this watch will shine with changing angles and light, reminiscent of sparkling water. On the sea surface, the hour markers and hands coated with white Super-LumiNova™ luminous coating, as well as the red used for the small second hand, are the representative colors of the Luna Rossa fleet, which subtly symbolizes the winning team at sea. The line of heroic glow. At the same time, the word “Luna Rossa” is marked again at 6 o’clock, pointing out the particularity of this watch.

Submersible QuarantaQuattro Carbotech™ Blu Abisso Watch – PAM01232

If you’re active, if you’re stuck, if you’re a fan of adventure, then this Carbotech™ watch is ideal. Carbotech™ is a material that is lighter than titanium, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant and lightweight yet strong. The manufacturing process is to stack carbon fiber sheets at a 45-degree angle and compress them at a specific temperature and high pressure. Since each carbon fiber sheet is formed by overlapping in different directions, each Carbotech™ case has a unique texture. .

The PAM01232 watch is made of Carbotech™ from the case, bezel to the crown guard. The cool carbon black, dark blue dial and dark blue rubber strap create a low-key and deep-feeling style. Extraordinarily versatile. This calm color matching continues to the details that are not easily revealed when wearing, including the screw-in titanium black coated bottom cover and the trapezoidal DLC diamond-like carbon coated titanium buckle. The watch comes with two straps, the first rubber strap is made of 30% recycled material, while the second is made of 68% eco-friendly recycled fabric material.

Submersible QuarantaQuattro Bianco Watch – PAM01226

The unique freshness of white noodles is unusual and rare in the world of Panerai, and it will attract attention every time it is introduced. The PAM01226 has a 44mm diameter that is loyal to the original Submersible original flavor, coupled with the frosted white surface design that has been well-received in recent years, it is a model that must be noted. The combination of the white dial, the frosted stainless steel case and the army green rubber strap makes the white face still elegant, and it also brings out a unique taste.

The purity of white, coupled with the classic configuration of time scales and hands, this concise configuration eliminates visual noise and makes it easier to appreciate the texture contrast of various parts on the dial. White Super-LumiNova™ luminous The smoothness of the coating is more lustrous, and the subtle undulations formed by the sandblasting process of the dial form a matte texture like sprinkled with fine snow. Aesthetic interest. best replica watches