Bremont Introduces Limited Edition S500 Bamford Special Edition

Since its inception in 2002, independent brand Bremont has been keen to embrace its British roots. Over the past two decades, this Anglicanism has taken many forms, from celebrations in the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and British Army, to special models inspired by famous Britons, from physicist Stephen Hawking to Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. Bremont also has partnerships with British automotive and luxury brands, including Rolls-Royce and Williams Racing Formula 1 teams. With this patriotic tradition, a partnership with the Bamford Watch Department, a well-known British watch customiser, seems inevitable, and in 2022 the two British watchmaking powerhouses will join forces for the first time. The result is a fresh rendition of Bremont’s flagship Supermarine S500 diver’s watch, combining bold new colorways with rich, detailed custom styling. The new limited-edition Bremont S500 Bamford Special Edition brings a striking new vision to the Supermarine collection, combining eclectic visual creativity into a radical and stylish package.

The Bremont S500 Bamford Special Edition‘s 43mm DLC-coated stainless steel case follows the Supermarine line’s rounded design for diving watches, with an aggressive black twist. Like the other models in the collection, the S500 Bamford Special Edition features the brand’s signature Trip-Tick multi-part case construction, which presents a striking case geometry when viewed from the side. Viewed from the side, the monolithic lug assembly appears to flare outward from the body shell in the image, leaving a noticeable overhang above the cylindrical body.

While the all-black finish of the S500 Bamford Special Edition makes this multi-part assembly less eye-catching than many of its siblings, the grooved surface of the body still effectively breaks up the silhouette of the watch in the image and should lighten the hefty 16. wrist slightly The overall thickness on the top is 5 mm. The Supermarine Collection’s unique crown at 2 o’clock and a single-inclined-connected crown guard are also featured here, with a brightly polished guard helping this unique connecting element stand out from its brushed surroundings. Likewise, the streamlined, sharply drooping round lugs add organic tapered polished chamfers above and below the sides of the lugs, both visually narrowing the image of these elements and bringing contrast to the all-black design sense and diversity.

The only real break with the monochromatic black treatment, however, is at 9 o’clock, when the brand includes a built-in automatic helium escape valve in bare stainless steel. Bremont adds further custom flair to this model with its ceramic bezel insert, which features an interesting raised polished diving scale that further adds to the overall texture. The brand has engraved the classic Supermarine S6B Schneider Trophy seaplane on the solid caseback (Bremont was unable to provide an image of this caseback at press time) and rates the watch as having an excellent 500-meter water resistance.replica watches review

While the case of the Bremont S500 Bamford Special Edition keeps much of the collection’s existing visual DNA intact, the dial adopts a dynamic whiteboard approach to impressive effect. The surface of the main dial is a true matte black in the image, with a fine texture without a hint of reflection. Bremont complements this flat texture with the wide alpha earpiece, while the slightly sloping outer ring features a neat grey minute scale. This leaves a clean visual canvas to build on, and Bremont makes the most of this constrained base layer to experiment with wild colors and layering.

The brand opted for a sandwich dial layout to add visual depth to the image, and used an eclectic California dial that mixes Roman numerals, stencil Arabic numerals and diving indices for the hour markers. Coupled with a vivid electric blue luminous fill, this unique dial layout brings a confident, rebellious energy to the image, complementing the all-black case treatment. The hourly index also features a narrow smooth black surround that gives these sandwich cutouts clearly defined and eye-catching edges. Bremont features matching blue luminous as the top of the main earpiece, as well as a unique striped pale ice blue needle second hand designed to evoke the feel of military cockpit instrumentation. Given the bold use of color and the layered California dial design, Bremont wisely chose the no-date dial treatment to keep the overall look clean and symmetrical. The hourly index also features a narrow smooth black surround that gives these sandwich cutouts clearly defined and eye-catching edges.

Inside the Bremont S500 Bamford Special Edition is the BE-36AE automatic movement based on the ETA 2836-2. Despite its humble origins, Bremont has made a series of high-end updates to the design, including a modern Gluycdur balance wheel with Anachron hairspring, a Nivaflex mainspring and a redesigned winding bridge that significantly improves shock resistance. Bremont claims these updated elements helped the BE-36AE exceed the stringent ISO 3159 Observatory accuracy standard. However, the power reserve of the BE-36AE is still under 38 hours at a beat rate of 28,800 bph. To complete the package, Bremont paired the watch with a sturdy black canvas strap, paired with a vibrant dial with blue contrast stitching.

Featuring a bold and unique dial treatment, heavily bespoke case touches and vibrant ultra-modern colours, the new Bremont S500 Bamford Special Edition brings together two of the biggest names in the modern British watch world into a vibrant new vision. replica watches on sale