luxury watch brand Jacob & Co.

It intricately replicates the movement of the celestial map

Astronomia Sky is a complicated watch made by luxury watch brand Jacob & Co.

This is a very rare and expensive watch – so what’s so special about it?

Jacob and Co watchmaker Luca Soprana said: “Astronomia is a very, very delicate piece. Every component needs to be perfectly balanced, so we need to use very special materials – like titanium – to be very delicate. The idea is really Here comes the watch is three-dimensional, the watch has to be spectacular.”

“What really sets this piece apart is the technology. The complexity of the way it works, and the balance of all the components.”

The watch face intricately replicates the movement of the celestial map.

Jacob&Co.Jack Baobai Garden Watches

Inspired by the Astronomia series of solar system watches, the Fleurs de jardin series of watches has been developed and produced for a year, and it has revolutionized the complex and vivid exquisite watches for female watch lovers.

The unique three-arm vertical movement – supporting the flying tourbillon, the dazzling hexagram flower-shaped gemstone and the time display – rotates clockwise around the dial every ten minutes (one of the gemstone flowers rotates counterclockwise ): composed of amethyst, pink crystal, ice blue crystal, tsavorite, citrine, orange garnet and ruby, rotating counterclockwise around the mother-of-pearl dial every ten minutes.

A 288 faceted Jacob&Co. Cut patent-cut gemstone shines on the flower-shaped gemstone, like the dazzling sun on the flowers in the garden.

Certified by the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève
The Hundred Gardens series of watches changed the public’s view of women’s watches. Jackpot used the Astronomia celestial series solar system watch structure technology to design and develop a complex watch exclusively for women.

In 2019, the Hundred Flowers series of watches stood out among the 100 women’s replica watches, and was known as the “Oscar Award” in the watch industry. This nomination has established the important position of the Jake Baobai Garden series watch in the horological academic circle.

flying tourbillon
Underpinning all the beauty is Jack & Bao’s legendary horological craftsmanship, which includes the biaxial flying tourbillon used in the Celestial Collection, which rotates once every 60 seconds and revolves around the dial every 10 minutes.

The butterfly-shaped tourbillon ensures the precise movement of the movement and reduces the effects of gravity. At the same time, the constantly operating tourbillon brings us a visual feast, as well as the endless imagination of human beings.

Clockwise and counterclockwise dual visual experience

The Fleurs de jardin Hundred Gardens series watch has two different landscapes, and the two layers have both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. Above the dial is the flying tourbillon, the time display, and a set of 3 delicate gemstones, another gemstone that rotates counterclockwise while revolving around the dial base.Jacob & Co. price

The bottom dial is a mother-of-pearl (or diamond dial) with a central gem-set flower that rotates counterclockwise every 10 minutes, while the gem-set inner ring rotates clockwise every 10 minutes. The visual feast brought by the continuous rotation is fascinating, and no matter what time of day you admire the watch, it presents a different vision.

Transparent sapphire crystal and 18K gold case
The 42.5 mm diameter Hundred Gardens series watch is specially designed to have a glimpse of the amazing movement inside. The domed sapphire crystal and the side circular sapphire crystal window show every delicate detail in the case vividly.

In order to increase wearing comfort and beauty, the watch adopts Jack & Bowie’s unique hidden crown, which can be wound and adjusted through two pull-up bow-shaped knobs on the 18K gold caseback of the watch. Simple, beautiful and extremely comfortable.

The Fleurs de jardin collection has gained so much popularity that Jack & Bao launched a new version for this collection and decided to launch a new watch in the collection throughout the year.

Fleurs de jardin Hundred Gardens Collection – Rainbow Limited Edition of 101 Pieces

The rainbow represents hope and is the driving force for us to keep moving forward. This year, Jack & Bao launched a watch collection decorated with rainbow gemstones for the first time.

The biggest challenge with any rainbow watch is finding the right coloured gemstone, and fortunately, the designers at Jack & Bow are masters at picking and sourcing gemstones. Therefore, the Hundred Gardens Rainbow price Watch can be called the ultimate example of rainbow gemstones.