Jacob & Co. creates music for its Astronomia Minute Repeater

It’s like hosting a grand party for your wrist.

Because the minute repeater is among the best in the elite complication of the watchmaking world, it is usually presented in an appropriate pious traditional form, with the least decoration in addition to traditional finishes. Among the few repeater manufacturers, Online Jacob & Co. has always been outgoing and has taken the opposite approach. Its latest Astronomia watch is equipped with a fully displayed gong and hammer, as well as a three-axis tourbillon, a hemispherical constellation ball with two and a half carat diamonds, a global lacquered globe and a small astronaut running on the dial To lock the rotation for 40 seconds. The busy 3D composition is arranged in layers in an antique cabinet-sized shell, 50 mm wide x 26 mm thick. The background is stacked gears and aventurine rings, hand-painted with stars, planets and the Milky Way.

Jacob & Co.’s three-axis tourbillon Astronomia watch was first launched in 2014. Other works in the series include Astronomia Spider, Astronomia Casino, Astronomia Gambler, Astronomia Octopus and several Astronomia Solar watches with spherical faceted gems representing planets. This is the first minute repeater in the series. It adopts the typical Jacob & Co. style and is a blockbuster among similar products: the Carillon minute repeater with three gongs and hammers instead of the traditional two repeaters. indivual. The gongs are stacked vertically on top of each other, rather than placed next to each other inside the periphery of the case, which makes them more clearly visible through the sides of the sapphire case. The carillon chimes are at intervals of hours, 15 minutes, and minutes, using the notes Do, Re, and Mi. A safety feature prevents the watch from winding when it sounds,

The movement is manually wound JCFM06, made of titanium and maillechort. The latter is also known as German silver, an alloy of nickel, copper and zinc. For aesthetic reasons, it is used as a substitute for brass in the movement: it looks like silver. The movement took three years to develop and includes a three-axis tourbillon. The first frame rotates every 60 seconds and the second frame rotates every 90 seconds. Both rotate around the central axis every 10 minutes.

Jacob & Co. is mainly a jeweller, and also launched a new version of Astronomia jewelry at the Basel International Wholesale Watch and Jewellery Show. The bottom plate of 3-D Astronomia is concealedly inlaid with deep and light cold tones of baguette diamonds and blue sapphires, forming a mosaic dance floor reminiscent of Saturday night frenzy. The four arms radiate outward from the center axis of the dial, each carrying an element on the periphery every 10 minutes. They include an hour and minute dial, a painted spherical globe, a three-axis tourbillon escapement, and a one-carat spherical diamond with 288 facets and a proprietary Jacob cut. The diamond, globe, timetable and escapement rotate on an axis every 30 seconds; the differential gear ensures that the time display is always in the correct position, with the top at 12 o’clock. Conical baguette diamonds are also set in the long lugs, and the total weight of the gemstone is 15.44 carats. As you might imagine, this more gorgeous version of Astronomia is unique.