TAG Heuer Monaco

The TAG Heuer Monaco watch is often hailed as one of the most well-known timepieces in the world, and this year celebrates the 50th anniversary of breakthrough design and avant-garde spirit.

Here are five main reasons why TAG Heuer Monaco has always had an iconic style.

  1. “Chronomatic” movement; caliber 11
    1969 was a great year of pioneering. Not only did Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, the Concorde also made its first flight, released the first quartz watch, and developed a revolutionary automatic chronograph-Tag Heuer Calibre 11.

On March 3, 1969, TAG Heuer launched Monaco at the same time in Geneva and New York. It is powered by the “Chronomatic” Calibre 11 movement-the world’s first integrated automatic chronograph movement.

Calibre 11 was secretly designed and developed together with Bruen and Breitling, code-named Project 99, and it can be said that it won the competition to make its mark in the Swiss watchmaking history book.

It turns out that combining the unique style of Monaco with the game-changing Calibre 11 movement is a genius. Today, Calibre 11 is as iconic as Monaco itself. Just like Calibre 1861 and the Speedmaster series, there is an indelible connection with the series.

  1. The perfect square
    As one of the most well-known aspects of Monaco’s unique design, its square case really makes it stand out.

But when it comes to presentation style, it turns out that Fang Zhengzheng is more than just fashionable. A great conversation began, and its straight-edged shape also allowed Monaco to claim several other very cool world firsts.

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Prior to Monaco’s swaggering appearance, the square case was strictly speaking the realm of formal watches, because the square case could not be completely waterproof. Nevertheless, Monaco continues to break the boundaries of traditional watchmaking in this regard.

Its square case not only houses one of the earliest automatic chronographs in the world, it also became the world’s first square chronograph and the first chronograph with a square waterproof case.

Literally, Monaco completely changed the face of Swiss watchmaking.

  1. Crown on the left
    There are many stories about why the crown of Calibre 11 is placed on the left side of the case. Some people say this is because the crown does not press on the wearer’s wrist while driving, or because Steve McQueen tends to wear the watch on the right wrist.

Although the real reason for the unusual crown position may not be so romantic, it has become one of the distinguishing features of Monaco’s mystique.

If you have a soft spot for authentic expressions, the left-aligned crown immediately shows that your Monaco is powered by the legendary Calibre 11 movement. discount replica watches

  1. All the cool kids
    Although Monaco was very popular when it was first launched, it did not acquire a sense of quiet rebellion until it appeared on the wrist of Steve McQueen’s 1971 film Le Mans. And it became a fanatical classic almost overnight.

Steve McQueen, dressed in a white Heuer racing suit, unique bay stripes and a bright blue image of Monaco on his right arm, is one of the most enduring images of his career.

It is this connection with the ultimate cool king that makes TAG Heuer Monaco a true icon in the history of watchmaking. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of Steve McQueen?

If it’s cool enough for Steve McQueen, then it’s cool enough for us.

  1. Pole position
    TAG Heuer’s passion for motorsports flows deeply in its blood.

Known as the first non-auto personal sponsor in the history of Formula One, it was their collaboration with legendary racing driver Jo Siffert that established their name in the adrenaline-filled world of motorsports. As the brand’s first ambassador, he put TAG Heuer Carrera and Monaco chronographs firmly in the hearts of hardcore racing fans.

Like Carrera Panamericana, who drew inspiration from the Mexican road race, Monaco was originally designed to pay tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​a distinctive street circuit, known for its high-speed straights, demanding speed corners and infamous tunnels. And become the most fascinating, prestigious and luxurious race in the F1 racing calendar.

Monaco is definitely a watch designed for the most exquisite petrol head.