Bovet Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two Reimagined

New Content: Bovet Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two Reimagined

Bovet is now announcing a new version of Chapter 2 of their Virtuoso VII in a reimagined form. The limited edition is only 8 pieces. Some fairly interesting expressions of hand-made watchmaking, decorative arts, mechanical originality and innovation.

The second chapter of Virtuoso VII was first released in 2020. The House of Bovet launched a new version with a new aesthetic, with a titanium case with a black DLC and SuperLumiNova dial.

We have conducted a thorough and detailed review of the Bovet Fleurier Tourbillon Virtuoso III Perpetual Calendar, and VII is based on a display cabinet, which makes Bovet an interesting brand. Although we are sure that there must be Virtuoso I and II at some point, the Bovet website starts with III and we have not found any other sources of information for earlier versions. If you have information, please share it with us.

The series has always demonstrated the exquisite craftsmanship of the manufacturer, so the name of the series is no coincidence. It was chosen purposefully to reflect the intentions of brand owner Pascal Raffy. Especially this series, as well as the general Bowei watches, have this kind of show business feeling, where the artistry of traditional watchmaking art meets talent and gorgeousness. We think it can make interesting watches.

With the launch of Chapter 7 and Chapter 2, the 2020 version uses an 18k red gold case. This new Reimagined version uses a black DLC titanium case and extensive use of SuperLumiNova to produce a large luminous effect. This new version offers four dial options, each with a limited edition of 8 for a total version size of 32.

The same Calibre 17BM06-GD is retained. This is not a bad thing, because the movement is spectacular. It is full of interesting clock functions. The list includes a double-sided flying tourbillon, a 10-day large date display power reserve, and a unique differential keyless winding system. Most importantly, this movement has been and will continue to feature the most advanced craftsmanship.

We have asked to view and shoot Virtuoso VII Chapter 2 Reimagined, but it remains to be seen because this is a very limited version, with only 32 pieces in total, if one work is allocated to Singapore. We will update when and when we will perform this operation.

Release details
The latest Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two, juxtaposed with the original, is a brand new timepiece that is both modern and dynamic, while still maintaining its excellent watchmaking craftsmanship. This is a theme of the Bovet brand moving forward-using interesting materials, colors, treatments and displays to modernize these complex timepieces, while still emphasizing the handmade nature of the brand’s in-house production.

Speaking of in-house production, the fake Bovet 1822 process has benefited a lot from the incredible three-year cooperation with Rolls-Royce, which has produced a huge impact on the amazing custom timepieces and the mounting system in the stern dashboard Influence.

Just like participating in Formula One to provide technology for automobile manufacturers’ passenger cars, the intensive research, development, and testing (including crash testing) of stern timepieces has brought engineering and production benefits, affecting all aspects of Bovet manufacturing. A series benefited from this kind of engineering and technical exchange, including the brand Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two.

The Super-LumiNova coated dial is not only time scales or markers, but the entire dial surface, which is available in yellow, blue, salmon, turquoise, green and purple. Each color is limited to eight (8) timepieces. Once charged, these dials will truly become popular, displaying brightness in a unique way. When you see these timepieces transition from light to dark for the first time, you will be surprised and delighted. Now you can see the light of Bovet-Super-LumiNova in a completely different light.

In the past few years, the Bovet brand has been integrating Super-LumiNova luminous materials into its timepieces in a unique way-on the lunar surface of the moon phase, on the sun dials of various series-but this is the first time Super-LumiNova has been so strongly applied to the dial, it truly embodies modernity.

The grade 5 titanium case of these new Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two watches has been treated with bright black DLC to create a “dark side” that contrasts with the bright and vivid dial colors.