Jacob & Co. Astronomical Casino Watch

Jacob & Co. It has taken action-packaged astronomical observations, introduces the new level of complexity (and fun!) And the number of casinos: a limited edition, model, functional running roulette wheel, with one Actual bouncing ball. “I think people will be surprised by the real experience of experience,” thoughts W. Strandberg said. “You press the button, it feels like you in the casino.” The ants in this extraordinary 18K rose gold watch include 1cc. Jacob-Cut Diamond (with 288 small-sided proprietary cutting), a magnesium paint blue globe completely rotates every 30 seconds and is moving on demand through the pusher at 8 o’clock position.

Hand – Super Compass and Luxury, Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino

People may think that the accuracy of advanced Horlogerie will never be consistent with the uncertainty of opportunity games? Well, Jacob & Co. Bring these two worlds into an unusual complexity. One of them accepted astronomy is a fully operated mini roulette; at the press button, the days of the day will show its playful side. The rest remains the demonstration of the Table EXTRAVAGANZA.

Jacob & Co. Has trying to create some of the crazy and most complex watches in the past few years. If the brand presents multiple crazy days iteration, the casino is definitely the most unexpected. Like its brothers, the beast of this watch is in an impressive vertical movement, a constant moving planet instruction.

In addition, it is equipped with a miniature, functional roulette trigger triggered by Pusher at 7 o’clock. Under the four satellite weapons of the watch, the roulette slot is rendered in black, red and green, while the center is made of Aventurine. Mini roulette gambling with white ceramics.

The exercise of breathing life is not related to this pleasure and impressive high-end toys, accidentally related. Vertical diameter Jacob & Co. JCAM29A includes 395 copies and is adjusted by three-axis trunking. The gyrid cage is within 60 seconds and rotates on the second axis within 2.5 minutes. In addition, the movement rotates itself within 10 minutes. Three other arm carrying time showed, rotating on 288 square diamonds rotating at 60 seconds and magnesium blue paint surface, and automatically rotates within 60 seconds. Finally, the differential gear system allows time to be displayed to keep the 12/6 point position upright, regardless of its surrounding dials around it. astronomia tourbillon baguette

This dramatic mechanical animation is provided in an impressive oversized blue gemstone dome, providing a variation from different angles. On the wrist, the pink gold box of the number of casinos is simply huge, 47mm x 27.9mm. However, of course, this spectacular excessive watch does not mean that it is not noticed … In contrast, Jacob & Co. The watch is clearly rich, not to achieve their toys. According to reports, Rapper Drake and MMA Champion Connor McGregor are two famous days of gambling owners.

Turn the swiss luxury watches, like all the number of days of days, two symmetrical flip keys sit on a pink gold table. One is used for wind blowing and the other for setting time. Finally, the watch is worn on the crocodile belt and is fixed to the wrist through 18k pink gold fold.