BREGUET fake watches

“Queen” is itself This is the first to see ReinedENAples Naples Queen Series 8998 After watching the watch, it is immediately bullied in the mind. Speaking of BREGUET Naples, we will undoubtedly remember that the beautiful Naples Queen Carlin Jilai, she collected 34 BREGUET, and also entrusted BREGUET to create the first known watch in history. .

BREGUET Naples’s most significant design, is the geese case, this unique shape can be said in the high-end system, which is very artistic and artistic, and also contains mechanical connotation.

This BREGUET Reinede Naples Queen’s Series 8998 Day and night show the watch, if the sun and the moon are ie, the descending is a beautiful voice on the dial.

The dial outer ring and the lap are set with 143 beautiful diamonds, and the front day and night display discs on the front of the watch are more likely. Unlike traditional watch crown, Breguet Naples’ quarter is set at 4 o’clock, and also inlaid a drill.

The sidewasle side decorated with the classic coin trim of Breguet.

BREGUET develops a new patented technology movement, which presents a dual dial display layout, and the upper part of the dial can show the complex function of day and night, and the lower half can be displayed.

The background of the moon, the background of the star, the blue sky, using the blue gold stone, the white clouds of the natural pearl mother shell, the titanium moon has a elegant “beautiful face”, and the golden stars scattered next to the moon. The sun and the moon of the balance balance are far apart, and the reflection of the balance balance is like the golden light of the sun. buy fake watch

This day, the night display function is very special, the first, the blue-grade dial of the balance balance is rotated every 24 hours; the second, the upper arm of the balance the balance is the shape of the pointer, and can indicate the scale of the blue stone dish. Displays 24 hours.

The design of the time division display highlights the classic aesthetics of Baozi, the central decoration of the “flame” texture of hand carving, the outer edge of the small circle is carved, and the exquisite details make the watch more expensive. Classic blue steel pointers and Rome numbers, let the watch add quaint temperament.

Through transparent table, we can clearly see the shape of the movement. The carefully carved gold baubles, decorated with a round of round, the moon exudes the solar ray, and the day and night display function on the front of the watch should be educed. This watch is equipped with a 78CS automatic upper chain movement that provides a 57-hour power storage for a watch.

The strap is a silk satin, adding a graceful temperament, with a three-layer folding buckle, and the clip is equally inlaid in a beautiful diamond.

Summary: BREGUET replica has made precision machinery more proud, this REINEDENAPLES Naples is a series of 8998 to show a watch, not only has a special mechanical mechanism, but also maintains the high precision of the watch at the time of walking. To explain our fascinating scene of day and night, let people dumped. After the king of Bao Yi, it can be “the king of the table”. It has a unique aesthetic model. After the royalzer, the royal and historical accumulation, interpretation of the brand eternal classic unique aesthetics.