TAG Heuer at the Indy 500 repair station in 2021

For those who are attending for the first time, it is difficult to imagine what the Indy 500 will look like in all years before 2020-after all, our memory of life before the pandemic has never been so remote. TAG Heuer cheap watches.But I’ve heard that the traffic on the traditional Sunday morning race day completely congested every street within a 5-mile radius of the track, about sweat and tanned crowds all over the famous “Snakepit” infield, and screaming The crowd squeezed side by side on the bleachers, and when the racers left Turn 4 and charged towards the checkered flag, they craned their necks. The Indianapolis 500 is undoubtedly the biggest day in motorsports, and at its peak, it usually attracts more than 300,000 racing fans to its noisy Midwestern center: Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But that was then. The situation is different now.

Even so, the show continues-unlike the 2020 Indy 500 without fans in August 2020, this year’s 105th will be held on time during the traditional time of Memorial Day weekend, but the capacity is 40%. However, the interesting thing about this number is that 40% of the 300,000 car fans are still better than the famous “temple of speed” in Lemans, Silverstone, and Monza-the other three beloved sites on the motorsport calendar. To be big. Therefore, stepping onto the stands under the iconic “pagoda”, there is a large TAG Heuer V-shaped logo on it. After a year of quiet and solo adventure, investigating this bustling and colorful alien world has brought a lot of Culture shock. But of course, like 135,000 people, this Indianapolis 500 will be the largest sports event in the world since the start of the 2020 spring pandemic.

TAG Heuer shines this year-following in the footsteps of many of the brand’s contemporaries, it has launched limited editions in almost every category, but unlike what we are used to in the past few years, the brand is Avoid modern rhetoric, but embrace its tradition and become an instant success, reflecting new confidence in your skin and exciting new prospects for the future. I participated in the competition with the two latest versions of the brand: a cheerful Carrera with an emerald dial, rumored to have been sold out, and an ultra-light, all-matte titanium Monaco, which seemed to particularly reflect this confident return. form.

However, I particularly like the latter-this watch feels like a new interpretation of Monaco. Traditionally, Monaco has been presented in a highly polished case with a brighter racing-style uniform. On the contrary, it is the coolest expression of a classic racing chronograph I have ever seen, but it is perfect for specifying the very unique structure of the case-namely the tall flat sides, slanted buttons and the striking square shape. crystal.

On the track, the pit lane was filled with the rush of pre-race preparations. Our eyes were focused on the two cars driven by the TAG Heuer ambassador: the No. 27 Napa Auto Parts car belonging to California-born Alexander Rossi, and the No. 16 driver from Switzerland. Driven by Simona de Silvestro, she is also the only female driver in the race.swiss watch men. It is here that some of the key physical differences between these Indycars and their Formula One cars become more apparent-especially the homogeneity of the design. IndyCar is generally considered to have a more level playing field, with each team being downgraded to use the same chassis and engine from Honda or Chevrolet. Although IndyCar’s straight-line speed is faster, F1 is considered more like an engineer’s game, with a substantial increase in budget and a wider focus on design and development, because each team’s task is basically to develop its own car and many proprietary The car part.

After all, the many traditional grand occasions and environments of the Indy 500, the two drivers sponsored by TAG Heuer will eventually encounter some bad luck during the 500 laps of the race, keeping them away from the cutting-edge competition, but sometimes this is just how the car goes. Even so, the exciting game that boiled down to cat and mouse tactics in the final lap did not reduce anything. IndyCar veteran Hélio Castroneves defeated the young Alex. Alex Palou and won the fourth Indy 500 victory of his career.

It’s great to see fake TAG Heuer work more together to return to motorsport-a stage with a long history that attracts the imagination of the world’s upcoming watch fans. To be fair, the brand has never really left-it seems to reduce the interference of competition from its own design and marketing departments, allowing the brand to enjoy a new sense of mission and vitality in the space. The Red Bull F1 Racing team sponsored by TAG Heuer is currently in full swing. Its star driver Max Verstappen has just won the Monaco championship and led the F1 standings, which is not hurt. For many watch fans, including myself, TAG Heuer may have always been an avant-garde watchmaker, but this avant-garde has never been at the expense of practicality, ability, and a sense of timeless classics in motorsport. People can use various watches to alternately appear on the Indy 500 decades ago or in the next few decades. The modern series seems to use spades to express this smoother design spirit. For those who have been following the brand for the past few years, this should ultimately be good news.